Mandarin Search: wu3

(an ancient form of 五) five
noon; 7th terrestrial branch
five; surname
mother; female elders; female
five, company of five; troops
(ancient form of 侮) to insult, to ridicule
regretful, disappointed
insubordinate, stubborn; wrong
charming, enchanting
corridor, hallway; luxuriant
light; bright, clear
obstinate, perverse
military; martial, warlike
insult, ridicule, disgrace
to oppose; to gore
obstinate, disobedient, intractable
máo mào (corrupted form) in contravention of; to offend (same as 冒) incautious, to risk, to put forth
lovely; attractive
an inferior gem
to cover with the hand; to hide
species of parrot
1/2 pr stone
dance, posture, prance; brandish
(same as 憮) to skip about; to dance for joy; to soothe, slow, disappointed
wèn to bank a fire; to smother, put out
river in Henan
regretful, disappointed
nòu to hoe, to weed; to hoe up weeds
corridor, hallway; luxuriant
charming, enchanting
footprints; track, whereabout
méi fine
(same as 鵡) parrot
to skip about, to dance for joy
without, apart from, none; a negative
a carriage; the head of a carriage
netted veined window-sill
(same as 潕) name of a river
luxurious growth of weeds
species of parrot
a long, narrow boat