Mandarin Search: xie4

xìe candle-end
xìe lay down; retire from office
hàn xìe illness; disease
xìe to contract, draw in, reduce, shorten
xìe rash; impatient, very angry
xìe lay down; retire from office
xìe leak; vent; flow; reveal
xìe drain off, leak; flow, pour down
xìe (standard form) lusty; strong; gigantic strength, heavy sleep with snoring
jīa xìe character for transliteration
dùo xìe ashes
xìe (same as 屑) chips; crumbs; bits trifles, to care; to mind
qìe xìe deed, contract, bond; engrave
xìe leak, drip; vent or release
xìe bits, scraps, crumbs, fragments
hài xìe (same as 罦) a kind of net equipted with tricky machine used to catch birds and beasts, a covering for a cart
xìe to shout at, (same as 欸) to backbite, to dislike, sound of oars; the creaking or swishing sound of oars or sweeps in rowing
xìe a river
xìe bridle; halter
hài rǎn xìe name of a god
xìe jìe weapons; implements, instruments
㳿 xìe (same as 渫) rolling billows, to get rid of; to scatter, muddy, to ooze
xìe rope, cable; reins; to tie up, bind
xìe (same as 謝) faded and fallen -- as blossoms; withered
xìe díe zhá qìe beating of ocean; surging of wate
xìe lust after, act indecently; lewd
xìe slight, insult, treat with disrespect
gài xìe water, irrigate, flood; wash
xìe thank; decline
jǐe jìe xìe loosen, unfasten, untie; explain
xīe xìe wedge; gatepost; foreword
kǔi xìe to step; a stride equal to half a pace
xìe the dresses toss and flying about in the wind, to shake; to toss, to wave, to scull; to row, to agitate
xìe the very hard stuff, to sort out of divining stalks; (Cant.) to wedge in
xìe water current; water flow
xìe a river in ancient times; head of source from today's Henan Province Xinanxian; and flowing south to Luoshui
xìe yìn water current, water flow
xìe to shake; to rattle
xìe kiosk, pavilion
xìe cord
xìe (simplified form) arid; dry; parched
kùi xìe flooding river; militarily defeat
xìe wooden shoes, clogs
díe xìe an intelligence report; to spy; spying
xìe rice grits left after hulling
xìe a blocked stream; gulf
xìe jǐe a fabulous monster
xìe idle, relaxed, remiss
xìe jìe government office, public office
xìe gorge
xìe to tie up hurriedly
xìe name of a place in ancient times
jǐe xìe a kind of oak
xìe drum
xìe díe dirty, ragged; slight, insult, treat with disrespect
xìe thank; decline
xìe to cut apart; to divide
xìe unexpected meeting; encounter by
xìe low, damp land, marsh, swamp
xìe to exile; to banish
xìe under garrments, intimate with, dirty; ragged, undress; thus -- to treat with irreverence
xìe harmonize, blend; adjust
xìe narrow; contracted, quickly; fast; hasty; soon; promptly
xìe slips of bamboo provided for writing in ancient times
xìe (non-classical form of 汙 污) to stain; to mess up, dirty; filthy
xìe drain off, leak; flow, pour down
xìe sea mist; vapor
xìe (non-classcial form of 燮) to adapt; to adjust; to blend; to harmonize
xìe name of a variety of grass, (same as 屧) the wooden sole of a shoe
xìe crab, brachyura
xìe crab, brachyura
xìe name of a variety of bamboo
xìe allium bakeri; shallots, scallion
jīe xìe woody climbing plant
díe nìe xìe color of the fire, color fading, (interchangeable 渝) to change mind, another name of Chongqing
xìe a kind of edible mushroom
xìe cracking of tile
díe xìe shallots or scallions, small (piece of land); narrow (minded)
xǐe xìe to limp
xìe (same as 蟹) crab
xìe to walk