Mandarin Search: xu3

allow, permit; promise; betroth
gǔa xìng (simple form of 興) to prosper, to begin, to increase; to rise; to raise, flourishing
name of a mountain
(a simplified form) (corrupted form of ) all together, mutually, last name
hàn xìe illness; disease
boast, brag; popular, well-known
all, together, mutually
xīu shout
species of oak; be glad, be pleased
boast, exaggerate; great, broad
cap worn during the Yin dynasty
knowledge; discrimination; treachery
last name, all; together; mutually, a low rank officer to take charge of the bandits in ancient time
allow, permit; promise; betroth
to breathe upon
to strain spirits; river in Guangxi; abundant; bright
(same as 諝) intelligence; brilliance, shrewdness; cunning; quick-witted and full of tricks; tricky
xīu kind, gentle, gracious, genial
boast, brag; popular, well known; to flatter
a kind of grass, grass growing in between of (among) the grains
riverbank, shore
sacrificial rice; rations; pay
knowledge; discrimination; treachery
to strain spirits
herb medicine; teasel root