Mandarin Search: xuan4

xúan xùan deep, profound, abstruse
xùan xúan jūan weep; cry; shine, glisten
xúan xùan a rush and impatient disposition, (non-classical form 狷) rash; quick-tempered; narro-minded, honest and straightforward
xùan (non-classical form of 涓) a brook, the smallest drop of water, to expel evil influences; to eliminate; rid off, to clean up, to select, atributary (or a river), the flowing of a spring, (interchangeable 泫) to glisten; to sparkle, to weep
xùan to strike; to beat; to attach, (same as 揈) to move; to shake; to wield
xún xùan true, real, truly, really
xùan shine, glitter; show off, flaunt
xùan long day; extended; relaxed
xùan variegated, adorned; brilliant
xùan hùan jùan to confuse; dizzy, dazed, disoriented
jūan yùan xùan brook, stream; select; pure
xùan (same as 罥) to hang up; to bind; to entangle, net; web; network
xùan device for carrying a tripod
xùan brag; show off, promote oneself
xúan xùan revolve, move in orbit; return
xùan shùn dazzled
xùan xún variegated, adorned; brilliant
xùan xún collar, a throat-band to hold the hat, a tassel; a fringe, (same as 袨) in full dress, black colored ceremonial dress
xùan add repeated washes of color
xùan (same as 衒) to brag; to boast; to show off
xùan device for carrying a tripod
xìan xùan (same as 陷) to skin, to involve; to beguile, to betray
xùan a last for making shoes; to turn on a lathe
xùan yúan a last for making shoes; to turn on a lathe
jùan xùan kind of thick stiff silk
xúan xùan eddy, whirlpool
cǎn chú xùan covetousness; greed; cupidity; avarice, licentious; obscene; to seduce
xùan a scabbard, reins or traces
sùn xùn xùan to blow out; to puff out
sǔn xùan weak; feeble, joy; delight; gratification
xǐan xùan bonds and fetters for falcons and dogs used in hunting
xǔan sùan xùan choose, select; elect; election
xùan lathe
xùan jūan fine
xùan whirlwind
xùan xūan grey
xùan (corrupted form of 鞙) a scabbard, reins or traces
xǔan xùan net to trap the animals
xùan xúan lathe