Mandarin Search: yan2

yán simplified KangXi radical 149
yán yàn yín words, speech; speak, say
yán strict, rigorous, rigid; stern
yán delay, postpone, defer
yán (same as 沿) to follow a course; to go along; to coast, to hand down; to continue; to conseve, along or by, as a road or a coast
yán cliff; rocks; mountain
yán yàn tán flame, blaze; hot
沿 yán yàn follow a course, go along
hěn yín yán kěn hǎng vicious, cruel; severely, extreme
yán beautiful, handsome; seductive
yán (a non-classical form) a bowl, a small shallow container; a small cup
yǎn yán overflow, spill over, spread out
yán beautiful
yán day after day; daily, time, moving of the sun
yán yàn salt
xǐan yán narrow pass, strategic point
yīn yán hanging fog, misty
yán place name in Shandong province
yán shān a boundary, a limit
qīan yán lead
yúan yán daphne genkwa, poisonous plant
yán yàn village gate; surname
yán grind
xíng yán kēng whetstone
yán yàn xíng grind, rub; study, research
xían yán a kind of fabric, a county in today's Shandong Province; southwest of Huangxian
yán yǎn yàn village gate
yán cliff; soar
gǎn jìan yán big and strong sheep, a ewe or she-goat, kind of dog, a dog barking loudly
yán (same as 研) to rub; to grind; to powder, to go the very source; to study; to investigate; to research; to examine; to search into carefully
yán qīan lead
yán to look at each other
xìan yán envy, admire; praise; covet
qīan yán lead plumbum
yán name of a variety of grass, last name
yán yàn dàn millipede
yán a flute with 23 tubes; 4 inches long (of bamboo, etc.); a pipe; a wind instrument, (interchangeable 言) speech; words, to say, a dialect; language
yán bamboo mat; feast, banquet
xìan yán envy, admire; praise; covet
yán the hanging flap in the front of a hat
yán salt
yán bamboo mat; feast, banquet
yán room made of stone; watchtower
yán yàn (corrupted form) (to walk) in harmony; in accord, to look after; to care for each other
yán face, facial appearance
dàn yán to bite; to gnaw; dogs bite
yán grind, rub; study, research; (Cant.) to play a stringed instrument
yán dogs fighting, to go to law; an indictment
yán cooked or well-done, ripe, fine rice
xǐan yán jǐan narrow pass, strategic point, dangerous
yán yàn yǎn village gate; surname
yán dān eaves of house; brim, rim
yán a kind of insect, name of a place recorded in ancient books
yán strict, rigorous, rigid; stern
yán yǎn a lance with three or two points, edge or margin of an utensil
ái yán cancer; marmoset
yán face, facial appearance
yán face, facial appearance
lǐan lían xīan yán kàn vine
qìan yán a long shape of head and face, the cheeks; the jaw, ugly, a long face
yán to stain, dirty; filth, water flows forward
yán eaves of house; brim
yán cliff, precipice; cave, grotto
yán strict, rigorous, rigid; stern
yán yǎn (simplified form) clever; wise; superior, a person's name ( in Earlier Five Dynasties, South Han, meaning flying dragon over the sky)
yán a kind of fish
yán ulcer; sore; boil, a wound
yán (same as 鹽) salt
yán to make a disturbance; to quarrel; to wrangle
qìan yán eaves of a ancestral temple (of the ruling family), door of a shrine or a temple, small opening (of a door), to spy; to peep
yán to continue; to extend; to review
yán cliff, precipice; cave, grotto
yán yǎn to groan; to moan
yán yàn (same as of 塩) salt
dàn jìn yán a feather screen, a shade, imperial garden
yán yín (ancient form of 荶) a kind of vegetable; something like garlic; growing in the water, name of a variety of grass
kǎn yán yàn fine teeth, irregular teeth