Mandarin Search: yan3

广 yǎn ān gǔang wide, extensive, broad; rad. 53
yǎn yàn a marsh at the foot of the hills, (interchangeable 湢 沇)name of a river
yǎn flags flying, long bands or ribbons attached to flags, streamers, etc. ( ancient form of 偃) to cease; to desist from
yǎn (same as 嬐) agil; adroit fast; quick; prompt, neat; tidy; orderly, to raise the head; to look up
yǎn flowing and engulfing; brimming
yǎn to enter; to make progress to advance; to urge forward
yǎn establish; one of nine empire divisions
yǎn yān ere long; remain, tarry; feeble
yǎn grave, respectful, majestic
yǎn establish; one of nine empire divisions
yǎn to hide, to secrete, to repress; to bend
yǎn yán overflow, spill over, spread out
yǎn (terrains) of highly strategic; precipitious (hill, etc. a big mound; (same as 㢈) a collapsed house, to hit, to catch something
yǎn agricultural implements
yǎn yān cover over, hide; narrow-necked
yǎn silky, very fine thread
yǎn shàn sharp, sharp-pointed; sharpen
túi yǎn flying
yān yǎn drown; cover with liquid, steep
yǎn cease, lay off, lay down
yǎn to cover (with the hand); shut, conceal; ambush
dàn tán yǎn yàn weak, watery; insipid, tasteless
yán yǎn yàn village gate
yǎn shell
yǎn wěn eye; eyelet, hole, opening
yǎn (interchangeable 奄) name of an ancient state, name of a country in old times
yǎn yān county in Henan province
yǎn yān (of cloud) forming or rising
yǎn the cherry-apple, a kind of tree
tán qín yǎn reach to, spread to; extensive
yǎn jewel, gem; glitter of gems
yǎn tree
yǎn upright bar for fastening door
yǎn cover up; take by force, shut
yǎn the appearance of a mountain, as if two pots were standing one upon the other; the steep bank of a stream a rough mountain path
yǎn to pray for preventing or forestalling calamities, muddy
yǎn medical compress; fish net
yǎn to till; to plough, sharp-pointed spade or shovel
yǎn yàn perform, put on; exercise
yǎn yàn gecko, kind of cicada
yǎn yǐn spear
yǎn yàn eloquent eyes; to coverse with eyes; to make sheep eyes or passes, to look at; to see, to look up to; to respect
ài yǎn small bundle of rice plant, seed, grain
yǎn nightmare, bad dreams
yán yàn yǎn village gate; surname
tán xīan yǎn long spear
yǎn (Cant.) 躽胸凸肚, to push out one's chest and belly
qíe yǎn (same as 鬩) to quarrel; to conflict, contention; animosity; resentment; recriminations
yǎn the movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of the water
àn ān yǎn close, shut; dark, dismal
àn yǎn anglerfish
yǐn yǎn long
yán yǎn a lance with three or two points, edge or margin of an utensil
檿 yǎn mulberry
àn yǎn (same as 魘) nightmare
yǎn test, examine, inspect; verify
yǎn mole, scar, blemish
yǎn shell
qìng yǎn yìn hold on to one's own views, to keep the mouth shut, stingy; miserly; niggardly; parsimonious
yǎn creeping; wriggly, (same as 蜑), the boat people in the coastal areas of Fukien (Fugian) and Kwangtung (Guangdong); Southern tribes
yǎn blue-black
yǎn sheat
yǎn high and bright
yán yǎn (simplified form) clever; wise; superior, a person's name ( in Earlier Five Dynasties, South Han, meaning flying dragon over the sky)
yǎn earthenware vessel in two parts
yǎn grave, respectful, majestic
yǎn a kind of insectivorous rodent
chè yǎn to take, to select, to get angry; to lose the temper
yǎn a kind of insectivorous rodent
yán yǎn to groan; to moan
yǎn summit, peak
yǎn dimples
yǎn nightmare, bad dreams
yǎn a kind of fish, the mouth of a fish at surface of the water; gasping for breath
yǎn mole, scar, blemish