Mandarin Search: yan4

yǎn yàn a marsh at the foot of the hills, (interchangeable 湢 沇)name of a river
yàn village gate
yàn yān dislike, detest, reject; satiate
yán yàn yín words, speech; speak, say
yán yàn tán flame, blaze; hot
沿 yán yàn follow a course, go along
yàn feeble, sickly; tranquil, calm
yàn inkstone
yàn elegant
yān yàn throat; pharynx
yàn elegant, handsome; learned
yán yàn salt
yàn to entertain, feast; a feast, banquet
yàn test, examine, inspect; verify
yàn express condolence
yàn beautiful, sexy, voluptuous
yàn peaceful, quiet; clear; late in the day
xían yàn dìan saliva
yàn yúan to slander; to libel, a maidservant, used in girl's name, womanly
yàn proverb, maxim
zhè zhèi yàn this, the, here
yàn false, counterfeit, spurious
yán yàn village gate; surname
yín yàn yáo obscene, licentious, lewd
dàn tán yǎn yàn weak, watery; insipid, tasteless
yàn (same as 硯) an in-slab or ink-stone (same as 硜) sound of pebbles or stones rubbing or knocking together
yán yàn xíng grind, rub; study, research
shàn yàn easy, smooth; quiet; suave
yán yǎn yàn village gate
yàn dam; embankment, dike, bank
yàn flame, blaze; glowing, blazing
yàn condole with; coarse
yàn wild goose
yàn inkstone
yàn biāo flames
yàn to exert oneself to yell; to yell loudly; to shout, overbearing; arrogant, vigorous
yàn (same as non-classical form of 焰) flame; blaze; glowing; brilliant
yàn overflowing, billowing; wavy
yán yàn dàn millipede
jīan yàn pig of 3 years
yàn wild goose
jǐan yàn callous skin on hands or feet. blisters
ān yàn quail; Coturnix coturnix
yǎn yàn perform, put on; exercise
yàn yān dislike, detest, reject; satiate
chì xiào yàn (same as 歙) to gather the harvest; to gather together
yàn thick, strong (beverage)
yàn fine rice seedling; growing rice in order, (same as 蔭) shade of trees; shade
yán yàn (corrupted form) (to walk) in harmony; in accord, to look after; to care for each other
yàn to decide, judge; a verdict, decision
yǎn yàn gecko, kind of cicada
jǐan yàn to malign, to hide; to conceal
yàn be satiated, eat one's full
yàn wild goose
yǎn yàn eloquent eyes; to coverse with eyes; to make sheep eyes or passes, to look at; to see, to look up to; to respect
yàn (standard form of 燕) a swallow, comfort; ease; to soothe (interchangeable 晏) to feast; to enjoy, name of a certain feudal States
yàn color of the flame
yàn proverb, maxim
yàn (same as ) silkly; in poor health, undisturbed; composed; calm; quiet, to satisfy or be satisfied to gratify or be gratified; (same as 厭) content; gratification
yàn small, a cabinet; a cupboard
yán yàn yǎn village gate; surname
yàn flame; blazing, brilliant
xìan yàn yǎng yàng corresponding; equivalent, appropriate, to compare the length of two articles
yàn to cover; to screen; to shade; to conceal; to shut off, to block, to shift; to move, to forward; to convey, to walk
yàn yān swallow (bird); comfort, enjoy
yàn to dry or cook in the sun
yàn quail
yān nīan yàn withered, faded, decayed; calm
yàn (same as 鷃) a small brown speckled bird like the quail
yàn to verity, to fulfil; to examine, to hold an inquest
àn nìu yàn white from forehead to lips of a horse, reddish of a horse head, horse head
ān yàn quail; Coturnix coturnix
yàn false; counterfeit; bogus; sham
yàn false; counterfeit; bogus; sham
yàn swallow, gulp
yàn beautiful, sexy, voluptuous
嬿 yàn lovely
yàn (same as 鵪) quail
yàn clear sky, a fine day
nìan yàn to display the teeth
yàn qían xún flame; brilliant, blazing
yàn yǐng (same as 咽) to swallow; the throat, (same as 癭) a reddish swelling on the neck, gnarl
yàn yǐng well-stacked (figure, etc.); full; plump, food, cakes
yàn quail
yàn (same as 鵪) the quail
yàn counterfeit, false
yàn waves, billows
yàn be satiated, eat one's full
yàn (simplified form of 讌) to entertain; to feast
yàn test, examine, inspect; verify
yàn offer food and wine one's guests
yàn a feast, banquet; to entertain, feast
yàn beautiful, sexy, voluptuous
yán yàn (same as of 塩) salt
yàn movement of water; overflowing, billowing; wavy
yàn to decide, judge; a verdict, decision
yàn overflowing, billowing; wavy
yàn (same as 燕) a swallow
yàn thick, strong (beverage)
yàn beautiful, captivating, plump, voluptuous
yàn plump, voluptuous, beautiful
yàn overflowing, billowing; wavy
kǎn yán yàn fine teeth, irregular teeth