Mandarin Search: ye2

father, grandfather
xíe shé wrong, evil, depraved, vicious, perverse, heterodox
xíe used in transliteration
mountain in Shandong province
strive, endeavor
è a kind of headdress for man in old China, a bag used to feed the horses
a place in eastern Shandong
xíe xía slanting, sloping, inclined
xíe (same as 椰) the cocoa-nut palm
make fun of, ridicule
(same as ) name of a double-edged sword, (simplified form ) a chemical element () (Es)
chá shū bitter vegetable
name of a variety of grass, a kind of vegetable, (same as 椰) coconut; coconut palm; coconut tree
father, grandfather
palm tree, coconut palm
surplus, excess, remainder
xíe a white colored cluster grown at the tip of cogongrass, a kind of plants of the mugwort or artemisia family, an ear of grain
xíe xìn (corrupted form of 擷) to collect; to take up; to pick; to gether
chè yǎn to take, to select, to get angry; to lose the temper