Mandarin Search: yi3

second; 2nd heavenly stem
already; finished; stop
according to; to use; with, for
by means of; thereby, therefore; consider as; in order to
chǐ tūo drag along
túo zhì hill
to cough; cough
gāi steam, vapor, gas
xían particle of completed action
wind; walk out of straight path
wěi tail, extremity; end, stern
rely on, be set in; consent, obey a wish
hòu (interchangeable ) to linger; to walk to and from, to conceal; to cover up; to secrete; to hide; to cover over
túo a steep bank, a declivity
name of a hillside, name of a village, name of tomb of an emperor; name of a high mound
to moor a boat to the bank
tūo túo wind; walk out of straight path
túo millet wine
rely on, depend on; lean heavily
fruit tree
ē wēi exclamation of admiration
barley; coix agretis
fluttering of the flag, the flags
to treat; to detain, according to one's wishes, good words; honest; sincere words, an echo, joke; witticism; pleasantry; jest; fun
nèi bamboo with white bark, (same as ) tongs; pincers; tweezers, weary; tired; fatigued, small box
chair, seat
asses braying, to be happy suddenly, cruel; malignant; coarse, rude
weak; feeble, to mourn, ulcer; cancer; carbuncle, short
a kind of pen; a kind of chisel
é moth
zhì kǎi pheasant; crenellated wall
romantic; tender; charming
fine thin silk; elegant, beautifu
an ancient unit of capacity with three feet and a big opening, a container used to wash rice
(same as 猗) an exclamation indicating admiration, an adverbial particle
the shin; to pierce; to touch
(same as 嶬) precipitous; nigh and dangerous, name of a mountain
a kind of plant, the root is used for food
(corrupted form of 檥) (interchangeable 艤)to moor to the bank
(sama as 嶬) high mountains; steep; lofty
a kind of pen; a kind of chisel
variant of 艤 , to moor a boat to the bank
sweet-smelling; fragrant, tasty; delicious
chest, breast, bosom; thought
to moor a boat to the bank
rings on the yokes