Mandarin Search: yi4

𥜥 the duration of a dynasty or reign
govern, control, manage; nurture
亿 hundred million; many
place; KangXi radical 170
right conduct, righteousness
catch, arrest; shoot with bow
cut off, reap, mow; sickle
remember, reflect upon; memory
strong; valiant
hàn Chinese people; Chinese language
name of a river, (same as 汊) a branching stream; branching creeks
consult, talk over, discuss
trail, tow, drag, pull
to vibrate; vibration, (same as 佾) a row or file of dancers, esp. referring to those in ancient dances at sacrifices or other rites
clothes, clothing; cover, skin
to remedy by punishment; to punish; to reprove; to warn, in great distress; suffering hardships; distress; trouble; worry
a lady officer of the monarch's palace in old times
to rise high; to stand erect
different, unusual, strange
with purpose; with ambition; with the determination and courage to get ahead
also, too; likewise
(standard form of 仡) strong; valiant, a minority ethnic group in China
díe indulge in pleasures; flee
press down, repress; curb, hinder
a tiny wooden post; peg
art; talent, ability; craft
cure, heal; doctor, medical
talk in one's sleep, somniloquy
service; a servant, laborer; to serve
translate; decode; encode
è area, district, city, state
change; easy
zhí skill, ability in handicraft a craft, an art, a calling; a trade; an accomplishment
a row or file of dancers
驿 relay station
dúo shì marsh, swamp; grace, brilliance
pimple, sore, boil, wart, pustule
dài subservient; servant; KangXi radical 171
enjoy, be glad, be pleased
licentious, libertine, dissipated
xìe leak; vent; flow; reveal
of tiger
qín of tiger, to roar
(same as 尼) a nun, the mountains after which Confucius was named
xìe to contract, draw in, reduce, shorten
to unravel or unreel silk; to interpret
(abbreviaded form of 溢) to flow over; to brim over, excessive
(of animals) to eat grass
final particle expressing consent; talkative
reach; achievement, accomplishment
ài artemisia, mugwort; translit.
náo (same as ) bran; chaff, grains; corns; cereals
a kind of beast with long hair, other name for pig, fox, wild cat, raccoon
a range of peaks in Shandong and Jiangsu; the name of a mountain
a kind of disease
to ditch; a moat
羿 legendary archer
Chinese chess
bright light, sunlight; dazzling
long oar, sweep
díe the declining sun in the west
shī shǐ grant, bestow; give; act; name
a shirt; a garment; a gown, a black dress
in sequence, orderly; abundant
(a dialect) to engrave
shí eat; meal; food; KangXi radical number 184
epidemic, plague, pestilence
a granary, a cabin, as in the ship, a corridor; a hallway
díe rush forth; surpass, excel
a kind of monkey, fox
(same as 詍) loquacity; to talk incessantly and tediously, to laugh, joy
to bale out; to decant liquids
shè shoot, eject, issue forth, emit
womanly, (same as 姶 ancient form) exquisite; fine, used in girl's name, clever; bright; nimble, cute; lovable
sorrowful, depressed, unhappy
to sob
(interchangeable 黓) black, color of the wine, sweet; honeyed; or pleasing
to worship; to honor by a service or rite; to offer sacrifices to
profit, benefit; advantage
moist, wet, dampen
steps, grade, strata; series
disrespectful; irreverent, to make light of; to neglect; careless; rush, to exchange, (said of one's personality) easy to get along with
friendship; appropriate, suitable
yún yùn rue, herb used to keep insects away; to cut grass or weeds; art, talent, ability, craft, technique, performance, acting, trick, stunt
cut off, reap, mow; sickle
mèi sleeves
a border; a limit; a dike; a frontier; a boundary
to treat; to detain, according to one's wishes, good words; honest; sincere words, an echo, joke; witticism; pleasantry; jest; fun
shì art
work hard; belabored; toil
flying; assist, help; respect
shì sap, juice, liquid, fluid
bright; daybreak, dawn; the next day
to add to; to increase; increase; full, plentiful; abundant, saliva
translate; decode; encode
a kind of rice plant
(same as 毅) firm; resolute; determined
an echo
support with the arms; stick in, tuck in; fold up
(same as ) small and thin piece of bones
chǐ shì (standard form of 舐) to lick
xìe bridle; halter
chǐ change place, shift; move about
different, unusual, strange
flee, escape, break loose
yàn biāo flames
xìe rope, cable; reins; to tie up, bind
shì interprete, elucidate; release
xìe díe zhá qìe beating of ocean; surging of wate
díe zhé rush forth; surpass, excel
number one
(ancient form of 饐) cooked food which has become mouldy, sour
water current; water flow
(same as 潝) the noise of flowing water, swift flowing water (same as non-classical form of 澀) rough; harsh; not smooth, a slightly bitter taste
(same as 貤) to change hands; to shift, a series, steps; grades, to promote; to reward; ennobled; to bestow, to extend; to prolong
(same as 翼) wings, fins, to help, to protect
(same as 劓) to cut off the nose; cut off
long, a big raft, a kind of equipment made of bamboo used to catch fishes
anxious, unsuccessful man
(simplified form) (same as 翼) wings, fins, to help; to assist
chà an abnomal unborn baby
gāo hào spy on
overflow, brim over; full
(same as 膈) the diaphragm
right conduct, righteousness
(same as 酗) drunk; to lose temper when drunk
hang, strangle
a kind of plant; chicken-head; Euryale ferox
ǎn eyes, closed eyes
diào (a kind of) rocks; stones
è (same as 詍) loquacious
chì a bamboo vessel used to catch fishes
learn, practice, study; toil
melancholy and sad, withered (said of grass and trees)
dark black, black
maternal grandmother, a midwife, an old woman
used in girl's name
thought, idea, opinion; think
ài the throat; to quarrel, choke
reach; achievement, accomplishment
to wrap and bind; damp; a book bag
progeny, descendants, posterity
agricultural implement; farm tools, a big sacrificial vessel; a tripod of bronze with two ears; a caldron
to bind, to pack up the bows and the cover of the bows
greedy, stingy
dust; dirt; a smear, (same as 曀) the sun hidden by clouds, obscure
bury, inter
(Cant.) the smell of oily food that's gone bad
(same as 瘱)quiet; calm; still peaceful, gracefully quiet, clear and ev ident; obvious, deep and far; profound and abstruse, to conceal; to hide
è āi ēi éi ěi èi an exclamation of confirmation
withered; faded; to die, a minor illness (of foot and hand)
relay station
crumbs of barley; bran; chaff
work hard; belabored; toil
compliant, yielding; easy-going
resolute, decisive, firm, persist
dark; the sun hidden by clouds, obscure
(same as 藝) skill, ability in handicraft, a craft, an art, a calling, a trade, an accomplishment
(ancient form of 懿) virtuous, expecially women, admirable; esteemed; excellent
䭿 a swift horse, to summon; to ask; to solicit; to request; to seek for
hundred million; many
measure of weight for gold
bright and sparkling
fishhawk bow or prow
friendship; appropriate, suitable
bury, inter
(same as 饐) to stuff full and to gulp down, cooked food which has become mouldy, sour
to administer; to regulate; to manage; to govern, people to have both talent and virtue, quiet; calm; safe; secure; stable
quick, urgent, anxious, not going to succeed, poor quality of silk fabrics
moving, as in ripples; moving to and fro (said of water) (interchangeable 裔) the hem of a robe, a border, a frontier, border bribes
many; flourishing; uxuriant growth (of vegetation)
water gushing out; bubbling up, waves sweeping over the flowing water
bow of junk
(ancient form of 懿) virtuous; fine; good
remember, reflect upon; memory
a range of peaks in Shandong and Jiangsu; the name of a mountain
cut off nose
enjoy, be glad, be pleased
(ancient form of 鮨) fish pulp; mashed fish, fine-cut meat, something like the large amphibious creature; newt but very much larger, small fish, (same as 鰭) fins
a kind of animal, cattles and horses to prance; to be lively
dúo shì marsh, swamp; grace, brilliance; damp, moist; fertile
used in place names; stratus
stormy; cloudy, misty; dim; (Cant.) sultry
to call; to scream; to whistle, name of a stream
shú a kind of stone, sound of pebbles or stones rubbing or knocking together
hang, strangle
die; kill, exterminate
a cataract or film over the eye
damp; humid, to eat to the full
shì to confer posthumous titles
xìe to cut apart; to divide
chest, breast, bosom; thought
hemp, marijuana (female; pistillate), herbage
art; talent, ability; craft
zhī seasoned rice mixed with fish or vegetables
shade, screen; to hide, screen
(same as 業) in ancient China, big piece of board (plank) on a music rack with the carving of the shape of saw's teeth; used to hang clock (musical stone, drum, etc.), instruction
dislike; be weary of; explain
(same as 噎) to choke on food, (ancient form of 饐) decayed; rotten and smelly
the abrupt and hasty sound of the crowd
measure of weight for gold
salted fish, globefish; blowfish; puffer
wings; fins on fish; shelter
a large earthenware jar with a small mouth and two or four ears; a big pot; bottle; pitcher; jug; vase
seed of job's tears; lotus seed
shì to unravel or unreel silk; to interpret, explain
(same as 寱) (standard form of 囈) to talk in sleep; somniloquy
a cuttlefish
hawk; Ardea cinerea
hawk; Ardea cinerea
a kind of wasp
name of a variety of grass
virtuous, especially of women, admirable, esteemed, excellent
è yǎo (same as 鷊) a kind of bird, a kind of grass, (same as ) a fabulous sea bird
rooms connected, moveable house ( a yurt, a portable, tentlike dwelling used by nomadic Mongols)
shì interprete, elucidate; release
consult, talk over, discuss
translate; decode; encode
spoiled, rotten, sour
fishhawk; bow or prow
art; talent, ability; craft
open the door
bamboo joints, name of a variety of bamboo, small bamboo
(same as 繹) a kind of sacrifices offered to gods or the deceased, rotten food, food, cakes and biscuits
virtuous, admirable, esteemed
talk in one's sleep, somniloquy
relay station
rán to fear; to dread; to be afraid of
'kimono' sleeve
díe fine cotton cloth; fine woolen cloth
water currents; flowing of water
number, to count; to enumerate