Mandarin Search: yong1

𠆌 yōng (variant of 庸) usual, common; to use
yòng yōng yóng commission fee
yǒng yōng embrace, hug, squeeze; crowd
yōng carbuncle, sore, ulcer, abscess
yōng yǒng former or literary name for Nanning (in Guangxi)
yōng yóng usual, common, ordinary, mediocre
yōng harmony, union; harmonious
yōng oh
yōng yóng hire, employ, charter; servant
yōng yóng wall; fortified wall; small wall
yōng yóng indolent, easy-going, lazy
yōng yóng state in Henan province
yōng large bell used as musical instrument
yōng yǒng embrace, hug, squeeze; crowd
yōng yǒng to obstruct
yǒng yōng swell up; swelling; fat
yōng (ancient form of 庸) to employ; to use, to manifest
yōng loss of the sense of smell
yōng marsh; pool; harmonious
yóng yōng bighead
yōng wèng Ipomoea aquatica used as a vegetable
yōng a large bell used as a musical instrument
yōng a river in Shandong province; a sluice
yōng harmonious; pool; hall
yōng breakfast; eat prepared food
yóng yōng a kind of tench
yōng carbuncle, sore, ulcer, abscess