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wāng yóu weak; KangXi radical 43
yóu especially, particularly
yín yóu to move on; coubtful
yóu yāo cause, reason; from
yóu like, similar to, just like, as
é yóu inveigle, decoy; cheat
yóu (ancient form of 遊) to travel; to roam; to saunter
yóu new branches growing (said of trees), hollow; empty
yóu used in girl's name
yóu to bark (said of a dog)
yóu wart; tumor; goiter; papule
chōu yóu to grieve; sorrowful
yóu yòu oil, fat, grease, lard; paints
tiáo yǎo yóu (same as 芀) name of a plant (much used for making brooms); a reed
yóu postal, mail; post office
yáo yóu a kind of stone, rugged rocks, difficult; hard; difficulty; hardship
yóu yòu wart; tumor; goiter; papule
yòu yóu zhú pomelo, grapefruit
yóu líu to swim; to move or rove freely
yóu fine stone which is little less valuable than jade
yóu used in girl's name
yóu uranium
yáo yóu a vase, a pitcher, earthenware
yóu zhú millipede
yóu chúi postal, mail; post office
yóu fault
yóu (non-classical form of 游) to swim; to float, to roam; to travel
yóu please; smiling; complacent
yóu wander, roam, travel
yóu plan, scheme; plan, plot; way
yóu yáo like, similar to, just like, as
yóu (same as 遊) to travel; to roam; to saunter, (interchangeable 游) to wander about
yóu líu to swim; float, drift; wander, roam
鱿 yóu cuttlefish
yóu the scallops along the lower edge of a flag; the hanging decorations (ribbons, etc.) of a flag used in ancient times, a kind of flag
yóu lift, raise; praise; hang; flap
yóu zhòu uranium
yóu ephemera; ephemerid; May fly, poison of the snake
yóu wander, roam, travel
yóu caryopteris divaricata
diào yóu Avena nuda; a bamboo basket
yóu tinder
yóu flow
yóu light; light carriage
yóu covering; curtain, or screen of a boat, to sail a boat
yóu mayfly, emphemera strigata
yóu cuttlefish
yǒu yóu firewood for sacrifice
yáo yóu (corrupted form of 繇) entourage; aides; attendants, cause; means, by way of, etc., forced labour; labor service
yóu light carriage; trifling, light
yáo yóu zhòu yāo reason, cause
áo yóu bent and twisted; too complicated
yóu caryopteris divaricata
tiáo yóu chóu fish
yóu name of a person
yóu (same as 囮) to inveigle; to decoy, a decoy-bird; a go-between; a medium
yóu yòu the pomelo