Mandarin Search: yu2

kǎo qiǎo obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release; variant of other characters
kūi lose, fail; damage; deficient
in, on, at; go to; surname
I, me; to give
and; with; to; for; give, grant
wéi dike, embankment
(non-classical form of 臾) a moment; an instant; a little while; a short time
state in Henan province
to become associated with each other in good manners and politeness
(same as 玗) fine stone like jade
in, on, at, by, from; than; with reference to; compared with
xíe shé wrong, evil, depraved, vicious, perverse, heterodox
I, my, me; surname; surplus
1/2 pr stone
a final particle used to express admiration, doubt, surprise, or to mark a question
beautiful, fair, handsome
to enter, to go ahead; to proceed; to advance, to improve, to offer
in, at, on; interjection alas!
móu (same as ) a basin; a bathtub, a kind of tool or utensil, (interchangeable 模) form or shape of a thing; style; pattern; appearance; look, a sample
basin; cup
yǒng kùi moment, instant, short while
jìu lǐu to feel or touch with hands; to hold, to lay the hand on, to cover
hàn xìe illness; disease
fish; surname; KangXi radical 195
grains producing neither flower nor fruit
a kind of rock
shù surname; consent, approve
shù surname; consent
dirty; filthy, corrupt, soap, black, to unravel silk threads
(non-classical form) mournful; melancholy; distressed; grieved; sad, to fear; fear; dread
tools to draw water or liquid
ancient woodwind instrument
ǒu district; mountain in Zhejiang
bed, window
flatter, truckle
carry on one's shoulder
pleasure, enjoyment, amusement
pleasure, enjoyment, amusement
pleasure, enjoyment, amusement
yóu fine stone which is little less valuable than jade
surplus, excess, remainder
tǒng to lead on; to advance, to strike against; to break through
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking
concerned about, anxious, worried
to fish; seize; pursue; surname
fish, eyes of the fishes
offer sacrifice for rain
fish; surname; KangXi radical 195
an alms bowl; a small bell
metaphor, analogy; example; like
yóu lift, raise; praise; hang; flap
dressed leather; a large belt
county in Shandong province
shē to cultivate land by first setting fire to it
absent-minded; unconscious, happy; glad; joyous
melancholy; grievous; mournful; sad, to fear; to dread; to be scared of
corner, nook, remote place
shē reclaimed field
mountain recess; canyon
change; chongqing
tōu pleasant, delightful; please
yóng the mouth of a fish at the surface of the water, gasping for breath
dài shù light; bright, warm, genial
yáo to exceed; a state in Shanxi province
county in Shandong province
tōu handsome
tōu handsome, cheerful; steal
a despatch boat
tóu zhù privy hole
flawless gem or jewel
chú shú toad
fat; fertile, rich; plump, soft
(same as 祅) bizarre, calamity due to terrestrial disturbances (as distinct from 災 -- disaster which is sent down from above) (interchangeable 妖) weird; supernatural, a ghost, bewitching; seductive (said of a woman)
public office; official residence
è name of a variety of grass, (as moxa) (Perilla ocimoides)
elm tree
dòu go over, pass over, exceed
to cook meals; to cook food; to prepare a dinner
elm tree
stupid, doltish, foolish
desire strongly, covet, long for
used in person's name
and; with; to; for; give, grant
to fish; seize; pursue; surname
dòu dōu a small door or window; a hole in the wall to cut through a wall
a fine stone resembling jade
earthenware (a basin; a pot; a bowl; a crock etc.)
(same as 漁) to catch fish, to fish, to seize
dirty, useless, weak, powerless; cracked, a flaw
(same as 魚) fish
flatter, truckle
exceed, transgress; cross over
surplus, excess, remainder
desire strongly, covet, long for
cart, palanquin, sedan chair
a kind of bean, beans that changed the colors
(same as 魚) fish, inferior horse with blind eyes
respectful; attentive, carefully; cautious; to heed; to be watchful, to rely on; to trust to; to lean towards
name of a variety of grass; perilla ocimoides, whose seeds are a bird feed
to sign in lamentation, crying of a piggy, a kind of beast
輿 cart, palanquin; public opinion
Lepsima saccharina, a kind of silvery worm that eats clothes, books, etc.
to walk in a composed (comfortable) way, respectful; reverent
hurricane; gale; cyclone
a final particle used to express admiration, doubt, surprise, or to mark a question
beautiful jade
shoulder bone
an military flag oa standard
díe nìe xìe color of the fire, color fading, (interchangeable 渝) to change mind, another name of Chongqing
(same as 魚 漁) to fish, to seize
envy; hate, dislike; resentment
(simplified form) to fish; to seize
lóu a carp-like savory fish
name of a river, moving; swinging as in ripples
óu uneven (teeth)
eastern jackdaw; Corvus monedula