Mandarin Search: yun2

yún say, speak; clouds
yún equal, impartially, uniform, even
yún equal
chúan yún summon; propagate, transmit
yún confused, in disorder; numerous
yún billows
yún (same as 鄖) name of an old country in today's Hubei province, name of a place in today's Jiangsu province
yún sun light; used in personal names
yùn yún wood streaks
yún land
yúan yún member; personnel, staff member
yún to weed
yún yùn rue, herb used to keep insects away; to cut grass or weeds; art, talent, ability, craft, technique, performance, acting, trick, stunt
yún non-standard variant of 職 , duty, profession; office, post
yún weed
yún county in Hubei province
yún confused, in disorder; numerous
yún clouds; Yunnan province
yún yùn to take a hint; a group of Chinese characters the construction of which suggests the meaning, the fate; good luck or bad are in the pot; don掐 expose; or leak out
yún (the large seal type 妘) last name, used in girl's name
yún county in Hubei province
yún to be grieved, sad
yún pillar, cryptomeria
yún jūn bamboo skin; bamboo
yún tall bamboo
yún pillar, cryptomeria
yùn yún yūn smooth out, iron out
yún billows
yún gold; character used in personal name
yún tall bamboo
yún wood streaks
yún name of a variety of bamboo; big bamboo
yún rue, an herb used keep insects away
yún Japanese noodles