Mandarin Search: yun3

yǔn to grant, to allow, to consent
yǔn a tribe of Scythian nomads
yǔn reddish
dùn shǔn yǔn shield; dutch guilder; Indonesia
yǔn rope made of bamboo strips
yǔn lofty, (same as 陖), rock; stone, name of a place
yǔn yúan fall, slip; let fall; die
yùan yǔan yǔn yūn yūan pasture, park, garden; mansion
yǔn die, perish; vanish; fall
yǔn (corrupted form of 鈗) a kind of weapons held by the officials in attendance in old times, (same as 銳) a sharp-pointed weapon
yǔn slanted face causing by the paralyzed of the facial nerve
yǔn yúan fall, slip; let fall; die
yǔn die, perish; vanish; fall
yǔn to fall from or into
xìan yǔn to restrain; restrained; timid and awkward; to feel not at home; miserably poor
yǔn a rear covering of a big carriage, an armed carriage; a military cart; cart used by the soldiers, name of a carriage
yǔn (a non-classical form) (same as standard form 霣) (interchangeable 隕) to fall down
yǔn a robe
yǔn fall
yǔn (ancient form of 霣) thunderstorm, thunder, (interchangeable 隕 殞) to fall, to die
něn kǔn yǔn toothless