Mandarin Search: ze2

rule, law, regulation; grades
select, choose, pick out
marsh, swamp; grace, brilliance
zhái select, choose, pick out
zhài one's responsibility, duty
zhà question-forming particle, why? how? what?; to bite; loud
dúo shì marsh, swamp; grace, brilliance
zùo zhà oak; spinous evergreen tree; to clear away trees
jíe zhé (same as 矺) to rap; to tap; to beat(same as 磔) torture of dismemberment used in the ancient times, sound of throwing something to the ground
rule, law, regulation; grades
zùo to rise; contracted; cramped
zhǎi narrow, tight; narrow-minded
zéi thief, traitor; kill
interjection of approval or admiration
a bank of earth or an embankment to block the current of the water, to stop (or block) up the flowing water
cùo place; collect, arrange; employ
zéi pirate, thief
zúo (same as 笮) narrow, boards laid across rafters, an arrow bag, a kind of liquor container, to squeeze; to press, (same as 筰) rope made from bamboo-splints, (interchangeable 鑿) to bore or pierce through
zúo zhà boards which support tiles on roof
zhài one's responsibility, duty
lǎo zhái shape of the mountain, a mountain in today's Shandong Province
turban; conical cap
zéi (corrupted form of 嘖) to call out; to make an uproar
chà zhái zhé hide; conceal, a house not so high
gāo hào spy on
qǐang qǔan closely growing of the rice plants
zéi thief, traitor
gài (a variant of 概) a piece of wood used to strike off grain in a measure, thus:--all, to level, to adjust, generally, for the most part, (interchangeable 慨) emotional excitement, (interchangeable 溉) to wash; to cleanse; to rinse
zhà name of a place (usually to be used in naming a place) (interchangeable 砟) small piece of coal
bed mat; mat
feeling; emotion, fact, love; affection, nature; reason, (same as 責) one's duty, responsibility; obligation, etc., to demand; to punish, to upbraid
zùo common people; people in ordinary feature or countenance, to walk, to go in a hurry
interjection of approval or admiration
turban; conical cap
(same as 璱) clear; pure and fine (said of jade)
medicinal poison plant
(non-classical and abbreviated form of ) (same as ) the cuttlefish; the inkfish
dúo shì marsh, swamp; grace, brilliance; damp, moist; fertile
zhái select, choose, pick out
cén to incline; to turn on one side
zhài bed mat; mat
abstruse, deep, profound
abstruse, deep, profound
zhé charge, blame; disgrace; demote; punish
a kind of plant, Pueraria thunbergiana, a creeping, edible bean whose fibers can be made into linen-like cloth and whose roots are used in herbal medicine
cùo to chew
the water plantain
cùo to bite
shí zhì sound of biting, (same as 齰) to chew; to gnaw
upper and lower teeth in order and corresponding each other, to gnaw; to bite