Mandarin Search: zha3

zhā zhá zhǎ pull up; pierce; struggle free
chā zhǎ pick up with fork or pincers
zhǎ zhà a house; an unfinished house, uneven; irregular; unsuitable; ill-matched, tenon
zhá zhǎ flowing of the water, sound of the flowing water
chā zhǎ insert, stick into; plant
zhà chá zhǎ scrofulous swellings and sores, mumps
zhǎ wink
zhà zúo zhǎ zùo stone tablet; monument
chá zhǎ jīe bāo xíe sackcloth; female hemp plant
zhǎ to pile up layer by layer, wedge, gatepost
hàn jíe zhǎ (same as 嫉) envy; jealousy, to hate
zhǎ zhà minced and salted fish; to preserve
zhǎ do not fear to
zhǎ bundle of charcoal, to dry in the sun
chá zhā zhǎ chā chipped edge of a container
zhǎ cotton and silk to be laid and attached each other
zhǎ loquacious, to break into a conversation, an irrelevant episode
zhǎ zhà minced and salted fish; to preserve
zěng zhǎ paddy field; rice field
zhǎ (standard form) (same as 鮓) a condiment made from minced fish salted, preserved fish
zhǎ weak, crude and coarse, careless; rash, bad behavior
zhǎ sticky; to append; padding; cushioning, to paste on something