Mandarin Search: zha4

zhà zùo first time, for the first time
zhà chà zhā shout, roar, bellow; scold
zhà cheat, defraud, swindle; trick
shà zhà used in girl's name, a woman's countenance; features
zhǎ zhà a house; an unfinished house, uneven; irregular; unsuitable; ill-matched, tenon
zhǎn zhà grope, press, span
zhà question-forming particle, why? how? what?; to bite; loud
zhà zhá to fry in oil; to scald; to explode
shē chǐ zhà zhā extravagant
zhà chà zhā scold, bellow, shout at, roar
zùo zhà oak; spinous evergreen tree; to clear away trees
zhà shà shān fence; palisade; grid
zhà shà shān fence; palisade; grid
zhà zúo zhǎ zùo stone tablet; monument
zhà chá zhǎ scrofulous swellings and sores, mumps
zúo zhà boards which support tiles on roof
zhà grasshopper; (edible) locust; cicada
chá zhà zhé something in the cave
zhà cheat, defraud, swindle; trick; to feign
zhà jelly-fish; sea-blubber, (interchangeable 虴) looks like grasshopper but smaller
chúi zhà (standard form of 蜌 詫) to sacrifice by pouring out a libation of wine
zhà zúo to walk
dúo zhà (same as 蜡) year-end sacrifice of the Zhou Dynasty; imperial sacrifice of thanksgiving to the earth for crops, offered at the end of the year, the name varying in different dynastic periods
zhǎ zhà minced and salted fish; to preserve
zhà to crush with the hand, press, squeeze, extract
zhà zhā river in Hubei province
zhà to press or extract juices; a press to extract juices; a vegetable
zhà name of a place (usually to be used in naming a place) (interchangeable 砟) small piece of coal
zhà chà wax; candle; waxy, glazed; maggot; as a non-simplified form sometimes used as an equivalent to (䄍), meaning imperial harvest
zhá xía zhà shà thunder
zhà zhài pork
zhǎ zhà minced and salted fish; to preserve
zhà wine press
zhà to slight; to abuse; to insult; to blaspheme, to desecrate