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zhé nǜe zhè tūo to depend on, to entrust with
zhè zhèi this, the, here
zhè a thorny tree; sugarcane
zhè (same as 柘) a thorny tree about 15 feet high, the leaves are used for feeding silkworms before the mulberry leaves are ready or when they are scarce, bark contains a yellow dye (interchangeable 蔗) the sugar cane
zhè Zhejiang province; river
nìe zhè whisper; surname
zhè zhèi yàn this, the, here
zhè (in chemistry) olein, oil and grease; fats (esp. animal), the ribs and skin
chě shéng xǐng zhè (non-classical form of 繩) a rope; a cord, to restrain, to rectify; to correct
chì zhè (simplified form 螮) the rainbow
zhè partridge
zhè sugar cane
zhè a kind of worm; can be used in Chinese medicine
nìe zhè shè zhé whisper; surname
zhè zhì (non-classical form of 躓) to stumble; to trip, to be frustrated
zhè herb medicine; dendrobium
zhé zhè name of a variety of grain
zhè black
zhè partridge