Mandarin Search: zhi3

zhǐ go; KangXi radical 34
zhǐ stop, halt, desist; detain
zhǐ zhī only, just, simply
zhǐ purpose, aim; excellent
shí zhǐ (same as 旨) (non-classical form 時) purpose; will; intention; objective, good; excellent, a season; an era; time
zhǐ islet in stream; small sandbar
zhǐ site, location, land for house
zhé zhǐ mountain, (corrupted form of 底) underside; bottom; basis; foundation
zhǐ paper; stationary; document
zhǐ settle
zhǐ paper
zhǐ foundation; site; address
zhǐ dwell, to live in a depraved (crude; vulgar; inferior) place
zhǐ pray; numerous, ample, abundant
zhǐ foot measure of Zhou dynasty
zhī zhí zhǐ trifoliate orange; hedge thorn; (Cant.) a plug
zhǐ finger, toe; point, indicate
zhǐ end of axle; divergent
zhǐ meaning, purport, drift
chí zhī zhǐ the spirit of the earth; (used for 只) only, merely, but
zhǐ happiness, blessings, good luck
zhǐ angelica, type of iris
zhǐ a whetstone; to polish
zhī zhǐ fat, grease, lard; grease
shì zhǐ man of sixty; aged, old
zhǐ paper
zhǐ only, merely, but
zhǐ (non-classical form 砥) a whetstone, smooth, to polish
zhǐ zhì name of a variety of bamboo
zhǐ zhúo a thorn, to select; to pick, to push, to find out, to cut out; to engrave, sound of striking
zhǐ toe; tracks, footprints
zhǐ end of axle; divergent
zhǐ hairy animals
zhǐ xìan embroidery, needlework; radical
zhǐ (same as 鍺) chemical element, Germanium
zhǐ zhì to learn; to hear; (Cant.) to work; to be willing
zhǐ a tree
zhǐ crooked and winding of the grass ( trees (vegetation; flora), crooked branches of a tree adjoin each other (same as 歧) forked; divergent, anything that goes astray; wayward
zhēng zhǐ summon, recruit; musical note
zhǐ a kind of bird which shares its nest with rats, sound of birds
zhǐ a kind of unrefined or unpolished silken textiles; silken goods; silken fabrics, to sew; to patch clothes (of sword)