Mandarin Search: zhong3

zhǒng swell; swollen; swelling
zhǒng chóng zhòng seed; race, breed; to plant
zhǒng burial mound, mausoleum; grand
zhǒng (same as 踵) the heel, to follow, to call personally at; to go personally to, (ancient form 動) to move; to start; to shake, to excite; to rouse; to take action
zhǒng swell, swelling of the legs
zhǒng to visit; to imitate
zhǒng cemetery; tomb, burial mound
zhǒng swell; swollen; swelling
zhǒng cemetery; tomb
zhǒng dropsy of the leg
zhǒng zhòng chóng seed; race; offspring; to plant
dǒng zhǒng direct, supervise; surname
zhǒng zhòng heel; follow; visit, call on