Mandarin Search: zhu2

zhú shù art, skill, special feat; method, technique
shù zhú skill, art; method; trick, device
zhú bamboo; flute; KangXi radical 118
zhú India; bamboo; surname
zhú (same as 卒) a servant; an underling, a pawn in chess, abrupt; hurried
zhóu zhú wives of one's brothers; sister-i
zhóu zhú axle, axletree; pivot; axis
yòu yóu zhú pomelo, grapefruit
zhú candle, taper; shine, illuminate
zhú zhòu tún chase, expel; one by one
zhú zhòu stern of ship
zhúo zhú to sprout, flourish; sprouts appearing above-ground; vigorous
yóu zhú millipede
zhú zhù ancient lute; build
zhóu zhú zhòu axle, axletree; pivot; axis
zhú zhǔ sores from cold
zhú (simplified form) to dig; to excavate
zhú zhù build, erect; building
zhú dock
zhú candle, taper; to shine, illuminate
zhú caterpillar
zhú zhúo walk carefully; hesitate, falter
zhú to walk, toddling, jump; leap
zhú a kind of beast, a flock of horse to chase each other
zhú to beat; to strike
zhú cut
zhú the rhododendron -- it is said to cause sheep to stagger and die, hence the name
zhú simmer, cook over slow fire
zhǔ zhú cut
zhú zhǔ lapel and belt
shǔ zhú (same as 蠋 躅) to walk slowly and cautiously; to limp