Mandarin Search: zhuo2

sháo zhúo spoon, ladle; unit of volume
zhúo bridge
zhúo painfully sad, scared; afraid; fearful, anger, melancholoy; grievous; mournful; sad, to be concerned about
zhúo yùe to pour
zhúo burn; broil; cauterize; bright
zhúo to connect
zhúo zhūo stupid, clumsy, crude; convention
zhúo chù sew, stitch; insufficient
chùo zhúo a kind of animals (like rabbit, it is blue colored and much bigger)
zhúo cut, chop, lop off
zhúo muddy, turbid, dirty, filthy
zhúo to soak, to steep in water
zhúo serve wine; feast; deliberate
zhúo slander; gossip; rumors
bào zhī zhúo páo noise of tramping feet
zhúo joist; cane, club; king-post
zhúo zhòu to peck; (Cant.) to slander
chù zhúo sew, stitch; insufficient
zhúo tūo joist; cane
zhúo zhú to sprout, flourish; sprouts appearing above-ground; vigorous
zháo zhe zhāo zhúo make move, take action
zhǐ zhúo a thorn, to select; to pick, to push, to find out, to cut out; to engrave, sound of striking
涿 zhūo zhúo drip, dribble, trickle
㹿 diǎo zhào zhúo a fierce dog, bite fiercely (said of dog), hunting in winter, a kind of beast
zhúo (corrupted form of 椓) to beat; to tap; to thrash, castration as a punishment in ancient times, a castrate man, to accuse or charge
júe zhúo (same as 斲) to cut to pieces; to hack; to chop or hew, to carve for ornaments
zhúo zúo polish jade; cut jade
zhúo small pillars that support the roof, those which rest on the main bean
niǎo zhúo the buttocks; the rump, fat; plump, one of the seven constellations; name of a star, the anus
zhúo cut off
zhúo strike, hit, beat, hammer
chùo zhúo raised path between fields
zhúo cut, chop, hack
zhù zhúo chú zhāo zháo zhe manifest; (Cant.) to wear
zhúo to bestow; to grant, to act; to do, quiet; still, peace; tranquility
zhúo chūo diào zhūo tiào to get ahead; to stride; to excel
zhúo fetters, shackles
zhù zhúo chopsticks
zhúo slander; gossip; rumors
zhúo chaff; bran; husks of grain, name of a place in ancient times
zhúo zhùi armor neckplates
zhúo muddy, turbid, dirty, filthy
jiǎo zhúo deliver, submit; hand over
zhòu zhúo a beak; to peck; to order, enjoin upon
zhúo a squirrel-like animal, a flying squirrel, a rat-like animal; much smaller
zhúo zhào shùo wash out, rinse; cleanse
zhúo a kind of beast; looks like a deer; white-tailed (same as 蠗) a kind of animal (of monkey tribe)
zhúo pull up, draw up; select
bǐng zhúo (same as 餅) cakes; biscuits; pastry
dùi zhúo high and lofty
zhúo to cut to pieces; to hack; to chop or hew; to carve for ornaments
zhúo bracelet, armband; small bell
chéng zhúo name of a variety of grass, (same as 橙) the orange
zhúo to pierce; to stab; to hurt, to give; to hand over; to confer, to teach, to build, to pound (grain) in order to remove the husk
zùi júe zhúo little, small, tiny; petty
jiǎo zhúo jiào deliver, submit; hand over
zhú zhúo walk carefully; hesitate, falter
zhúo shǔ bracelet, armband; small bell
zhúo phoenix
zhúo exquisite; fine, sharp; distinct, bright-colored
zhá zhúo yellowish black and white, short and black, over-fatigued; weary; tired