Mandarin Search: zi3

𠂔 to stop
zi offspring, child; fruit, seed of; 1st terrestrial branch
zǎi small thing, child; young animal
(ancient form of 子) child, seed, 1st terrestrial branch
name of a place
zǎi (corrupted form) name of a mountain ( the location is unknown)
a kind of jade
to hoe
to clatch, to grasp with the hand, to pinch, to kill, to attach from the sideway, to strike with the hand; (Cant.) to tear, rip
elder sister
elder sister
to slander, revile
seed, pip, pit, stone
fèi meat
to hoe up the earth around plants
zhì defects; flaws, illness; disease
one thousand millions, sometimes used for one hundred millions
chái a plant yielding a red dye
purple, violet; amethyst; surname
catalpa ovata
bed boards, sleeping mat
bad-mouth; criticize; defects
sediment, lees, dregs
xīn zincum
vegetable soup, a kind of vegetable
cúo cùo zhěn to grind barley