Mandarin Search: zu2

soldier; servant; at last, finally
foot; attain, satisfy, enough
(ancient form of 族) a tribe; a clan; relatives, race (of people), a class; a family (of animals)
soldier; servant; at last, finally
chùo zhúo a kind of animals (like rabbit, it is blue colored and much bigger)
to cajole
zúo clutch, grasp; pull up; contradict
cùi rocky peaks; lofty and dangerous
cùi rocky peaks; lofty and dangerous
zòu còu a family clan, ethnic group, tribe
cùi temper; dye; soak; change, alter
zhǐ zhúo a thorn, to select; to pick, to push, to find out, to cut out; to engrave, sound of striking
short hair, growing hair
to suck, to drink, to swallow
jìu to eat to the full; surfeited
cùan water flow; water current
new-growing horns, to clasp or hold under the arm, to bosom; to embrace
a grain, (same as 莘) lush growth; dense growth of the grass (trees, etc.) a marshy plant, known as asarum, a name derived from the bitterness of the root which is used in medicine
arrowhead, barb; swift, quick
䯿 zúo a coiffure with a topknot, hairy, dishevelled hair
yáo family name; wine cup
a long narrow fish, a second name for tuna
kick; tread on; leap; solemn
to tread on; to kick
chùo arrowhead, barb; swift, quick
záo zùo zào chisel; bore, pierce