Mandarin Search: zuan3

mǐn xǐan xún zhèn zǔan something used to bind the frame work in a cart (compartment) of old times, (same as 輴) a hearse; a funeral carriage, (interchangeable 巡) to inspect (said of ranking officials)
cùi zǔan (a variant) fat; rich, a stew of fish
zhùan sǔan zǔan zùan to collect; edit; a bamboo basket
zǔan edit
zǔan continue, carry on, succeed
zǔan to accumulate; to store up
zǔan zùan edit, compile; topknot, chignon
zǔan a short spear; a lance with two points, a halberd, to pierce; to stab; to irritate, to catch a spear from away
zǔan continue, carry on, succeed