Mandarin Search: zuo2

dài hǔo zúo (ancient form of 火) bright lights and illuminations of the fire, fire sounds
zùo zūo zúo make; work; compose, write; act, perform
zúo yesterday; in former times, past
zúo zùo a kind of mountain cattle; big and heavy
zhà zúo zhǎ zùo stone tablet; monument
zúo (same as 笮) narrow, boards laid across rafters, an arrow bag, a kind of liquor container, to squeeze; to press, (same as 筰) rope made from bamboo-splints, (interchangeable 鑿) to bore or pierce through
zúo zhà boards which support tiles on roof
zúo clutch, grasp; pull up; contradict
zhà zúo to walk
zúo to fit a handle into a socket; a plug or cork
zhúo zúo polish jade; cut jade
zúo money; currency and finances
zúo cable
䯿 zúo a coiffure with a topknot, hairy, dishevelled hair
zúo name of a place in Sichuan Province