Mandarin Search: zuo4

zhà zùo first time, for the first time
zùo (same as 作) to make; to do; to act, to write; to compose; to rise, work
zùo zūo zúo make; work; compose, write; act, perform
zùo sit; seat; ride, travel by
zùo to be ashamed
zùo the steps leading to the eastern door
zùo (same as 坐) to sit, a seat
zùo name of a mountain in Shandong
zùo to rise; contracted; cramped
zùo zhà oak; spinous evergreen tree; to clear away trees
zúo zùo a kind of mountain cattle; big and heavy
zùo meat offered in sacrifice to one's ancestors
zùo frivolous; flippant; disrespectful; irreverent; to insult, young, used in girl's name
zùo seat; stand, base
zùo throne; bless; blessing, happiness
zhà zúo zhǎ zùo stone tablet; monument
zùo (corrupted form of ) a kind of liquor container, to squeeze; to press, an instrument of torture for squeezing the fingers of prisoners or witnesses in order to extort evidence or confession
zùo work, make; act
zǎn zùo (same as 怍) to be ashamed; mortified; chagrined, to change color; to blush
zùo thick and big ropes or cords; bulky cables, spoilt silk
zùo toast one's host with wine; to express juice by pressing
záo zùo chisel; bore, pierce
cháo zàn zùo (ancient form of 饡) to put the thick soup or broth on top of the rice (same as 饘) thick congee or porridge
cùo zùo (same as 蓌) to squat; to crouch, setback; defeat; failure; not doing well; disappointed; very discouraged; frustrated
zùo common people; people in ordinary feature or countenance, to walk, to go in a hurry
zhǎi zùo (Cant.) food; profit
zùo mat
tiáo zùo the reins, a small bronze ring used to connect the reins
zùo to sound, a sound, the cry of a bird or animal
zào zùo (same as 嘈) noise; uproar; din
záo zùo zào chisel; bore, pierce