Hanzi Character Search: 夹

be wedged or inserted between
Strokes (without radical) 3 Total Strokes 6
Mandarin reading jīa jía Cantonese reading gaap3
Japanese on reading Japanese kun reading
Korean reading Vietnamese reading
Traditional Variant(s) be wedged or inserted between

CEDICT Entries:

   [ jīa ]   clip, folder, hold between, to press from both sides, to place in between
   [ jīa jīang ]   (N) Jiajiang (place in Sichuan)
   [ jīa ]   jacket
   [ jīa qían ]   tongs
   [ jīa ]   (v) mingle together; mix together; have two dissimilar substances mixed together
   [ jīa zi ]   cramp
   [ jía ]   hold between, lined, narrow lane
⇒    [ jīa ]   peg
⇒    [ zhǐ jīa ]   paperclip