Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+7F18 (缘)

hem, margin; reason, cause; fate
Strokes (without radical) 9 Total Strokes 12
Mandarin reading yúan yùan Cantonese reading jyun4
Japanese on reading Japanese kun reading
Korean reading Vietnamese reading
Traditional Variant(s) hem, margin; reason, cause; karma, fate

CEDICT Entries:

   [ yúan ]   along, predestined affinity, reason, edge
   [ yúan fèn ]   fate (which brings people together)
   [ yúan fèn ]   fate, destiny that ties people together
   [ yúan ]   reason, cause
   [ yúan ]   origin
   [ yúan shì ]   fringe
   [ yúan yóu ]   reason, cause
⇒    [ bīan yúan ]   edge, fringe, verge, brink, periphery, marginal, borderline
⇒    [ júe yúan ]   (v) insulate (electrically), (v) isolate from
⇒    [ yīn yúan ]   chance, opportunity, predestined relationship, (Buddhist) principal and secondary causes, chain of cause and effect