Hanzi Character Search: 幀

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picture, scroll; one of pair of
Strokes (without radical) 9 Total Strokes 12
Mandarin reading zhèng Cantonese reading zing3
Japanese on reading tei tou chou Japanese kun reading kakemono
Korean reading ceng thayng Vietnamese reading tranh
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ zhèng ]   frame, one of a pair (scrolls), picture
   [ zhèng shì ]   frame format
   [ zhèng jǐan yàn lìe ]   frame check sequence, FCS
   [ zhèng shǒu dìng jìe ]   start of frame delimiter
   [ zhèng tài cháng ]   oversize frame, giant
⇒    [ tài wǎng lùo zhèng ]   Ethernet frame