Hanzi Character Search: 归

return; return to, revert to
Strokes (without radical) 2 Total Strokes 5
Mandarin reading gūi kùi Cantonese reading gwai1
Japanese on reading Japanese kun reading
Korean reading Vietnamese reading
Traditional Variant(s) return; return to, revert to
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ gūi ]   to go back, to return
   [ gūi gēn dào ]   (saying) to sum it up...
   [ gūi húan ]   return, revert
   [ gūi jíe ]   (v) put in summary; induce
   [ gūi jìu ]   blame, declare to be at fault
   [ gūi ]   (v) conclude from a number of facts, sum up, induce, conclude
   [ gūi ]   (Logic) induction
   [ gūi rén xīang ]   (N) Kueijen (village in Taiwan)
   [ gūi ]   to assign (to a class), to classify as, to include
   [ gūi shǔ ]   be under the jurisdiction of
   [ gūi shùn ]   submission
   [ gūi xīn ]   converted to (religion)
   [ gūi xīn zhě ]   religious convert
   [ gūi zùi ]   to blame someone
⇒    [ bǎi chūan gūi hǎi ]   all things tends in one direction
⇒ 线   [ běi húi gūi xìan ]   the Tropic of Cancer
⇒    [ rùi dùo gūi ]   avoid the enemy when he is fresh and strike him when he is tired and withdraws
⇒    [ bīn zhì gūi ]   guests feel at home (in a hotel, guesthouse, etc.), a home away from home
⇒    [ gǎi xíe gūi zhèng ]   (saying) to give up evil and return to good
⇒    [ húi gūi ]   to return (to previous condition), Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty, to regress
⇒    [ húi gūi zhōng gúo ]   to return to China (e.g. Hong Kong)
⇒    [ jīa gūi ]   homeless
⇒    [ zhūo gūi àn ]   bring to justice
⇒    [ gūi ]   (N) Zigui (place in Hubei)