Hanzi Character Search: 純

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pure, clean, simple
Strokes (without radical) 4 Total Strokes 10
Mandarin reading chún qúan tún zhūn zhǔn Cantonese reading seon4 zeon2
Japanese on reading shun jun ton Japanese kun reading kiito moppara
Korean reading swun cwun Vietnamese reading thuần
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ chún ]   pure, simple, unmixed, genuine
   [ chún cùi ]   purely
   [ chún jíe ]   pure, clean and honest
   [ chún jìng ]   pure, clean, unmixed
   [ chún pǐn ]   sterling
   [ chún shǔ ]   pure and simple, sheer, outright
   [ chún zhèng ]   genuine
⇒    [ dān chún ]   simple, pure, alone, merely
⇒    [ xiǎo qúan chún láng ]   (Japanese Prime Minister) Junichiro Koizumi
⇒    [ zhāng chún ]   (American author) Iris Chang