Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+50AC (催)

press, urge
Radical 𠆢
Strokes (without radical) 11 Total Strokes 13
Mandarin reading cuī Cantonese reading ceoi1
Japanese on reading sai Japanese kun reading moyoosu unagasu moyooshi
Korean reading choy Vietnamese reading thòi

CEDICT Entries:

   [ cuī ]    to urge, to press, to prompt, to rush sb, to hasten sth, to expedite
   [ cuī ]    to promote lactation, to stimulate lactation (e.g. with drug)
   [ cuī ]    prolactin
   [ cuī ]    to urge
   [ cuī huà ]    catalysis, to catalyze (a reaction)
   [ cuī huà zuò yòng ]    catalysis
   [ cuī huà ]    catalyst
   [ cuī ]    emetic
   [ cuī ]    an emetic
   [ cuī mìng ]    to press sb to death, fig. to pressurize sb continually
   [ cuī naǐ ]    to promote lactation, to stimulate lactation (e.g. with drug)
   [ cuī hūn ]    to urge sb (typically, one's adult child or nephew etc) to get married
   [ cuī qíng ]    to promote estrus, to bring an animal to heat by artificial means
   [ cuī gēng ]    (slang) (of a follower) to urge (a blogger etc) to post some fresh content (abbr. for 催促更新[cui1 cu4 geng1 xin1])
   [ cuī leì ]    to move to tears (of a story), tear-provoking (gas), lacrimogen
   [ cuī leì ]    lachrymator
   [ cuī leì piàn ]    tear-jerker (movie)
   [ cuī leì dàn ]    tear bomb, tear-gas grenade
   [ cuī leì ]    tear gas
   [ cuī shú ]    to promote ripening of fruit
   [ cuī shēng ]    to pressure a younger relative to hurry up and have a baby, (obstetrics) to induce labor, to expedite childbirth, (fig.) to be a driving force in bringing sth into existence
   [ cuī shēng ]    midwife who induces labor
   [ cuī shēng ]    oxytocin
   [ cuī shēng zhě ]    driving force behind sth
   [ cuī chǎn ]    to induce labor, to expedite childbirth
   [ cuī mián ]    hypnosis
   [ cuī mián ]    lullaby
   [ cuī mián zhuàng taì ]    hypnosis
   [ cuī mián yaò ]    soporific drug
   [ cuī mián shù ]    hypnotism, hypnotherapy, mesmerism
   [ cuī feí ]    to fatten (animal before slaughter)
   [ cuī feí ]    (animal) fattening preparation
   [ cuī ]    to feed livestock with highly nutritional food in order to fatten them up in a short time
   [ cuī ]    to promote germination
   [ cuī taǒ ]    to demand repayment of debt
   [ cuī zhèng ]    to call for the issue of a letter of credit (international trade)
   [ cuī ]    to boost, to propel
   [ cuī ]    to press (for a payment)
⇒    [ sān cuī qǐng ]    to coax and plead
⇒    [ beī cuī ]    (Internet slang) miserable, pathetic, the pits
⇒    [ suì cuī ]    lackey
⇒    [ jié cuī huā ]    drumming to make apricots flower, cf joke by Tang Emperor Xuanzhong 唐玄宗, playing the drum in apricot blossom
⇒    [ cuī mián ]    self-hypnotism
⇒    [ cháng jiāng hoù làng cuī qián làng ]    see 長江後浪推前浪|长江后浪推前浪[Chang2 Jiang1 hou4 lang4 tui1 qian2 lang4]