Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+50F5 (僵)

stiff and motionless, stock still
Radical 𠆢
Strokes (without radical) 13 Total Strokes 15
Mandarin reading jiāng Cantonese reading goeng1
Japanese on reading kyou Japanese kun reading taoreru
Korean reading kang Vietnamese reading

CEDICT Entries:

   [ jiāng ]    rigid, deadlock, stiff (corpse)
   [ jiāng zhù ]    motionless, unable to move
   [ jiāng zhù zhèng ]    catalepsy
   [ jiāng huà ]    to become rigid
   [ jiāng xìng ]    rigidity
   [ jiāng ]    impasse, deadlock
   [ jiāng shī wǎng luò ]    botnet, zombie network, slave network (used by spammers)
   [ jiāng shī chē ]    (coll.) abandoned car
   [ jiāng chí ]    to be deadlocked
   [ jiāng zhí ]    stiff, rigid, inflexible
   [ jiāng yìng ]    stiff, rigid
   [ jiāng ]    to lie rigid and motionless
⇒    [ dòng jiāng ]    frozen stiff, numb with cold
⇒    [ shī jiāng ]    rigor mortis
⇒    [ nòng jiāng ]    to bring to deadlock, to result in a stalemate
⇒    [ daì taó jiāng ]    lit. the plum tree withers in place of the peach tree, to substitute one thing for another, to carry the can for sb
⇒    [ jiāng chí ]    nuclear equipoise, nuclear stalemate
⇒    [ ér jiāng ]    dead but showing no signs of rigor mortis, to die hard (idiom), to die yet not be vanquished (idiom)
⇒    [ baǐ zhī chóng ér jiāng ]    a centipede dies but never falls down, old institutions die hard