Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+53C3 (參)

take part in, intervene; ginseng
Strokes (without radical) 9 Total Strokes 11
Mandarin reading cān sān shēn dēn cēn Cantonese reading caam1 cam1 saam1 sam1
Japanese on reading san Japanese kun reading mairu
Korean reading cham sam Vietnamese reading tham
Simplified Variant(s)
Semantic Variant(s)
Specialized Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ sān ]    three (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
   [ cān ]    to take part in, to participate, to join, to attend, to counsel, unequal, varied, irregular, uneven, not uniform, abbr. for 參議院|参议院 Senate, Upper House
   [ shēn ]    ginseng, one of the 28 constellations
   [ cān liǎng yuàn ]    both houses of US Congress
   [ cān jiā ]    to participate, to take part, to join
   [ cān jiā zhě ]    participant
   [ cān ]    to accuse, to impeach, (in imperial China) to level charges against an official
   [ cān bàn ]    half, half and half, both ... and ..., just as much ... as ..., equally
   [ cān ěr ]    Ivan Cankar (1876-1918), Slovenian modernist writer
   [ cān tiān ]    reach high to the sky, tall, of great height
   [ cān sūn ]    Samson (name), biblical hero around 1100 BC
宿   [ shēn xiù ]    Three Stars (Chinese constellation)
宿   [ shēn xiù ]    Rigel (star), lit. seventh star of the Three Stars Chinese constellation
   [ cān zhǎn ]    to exhibit at or take part in a trade show etc
   [ cēn ]    uneven, jagged, snaggletooth, ragged, serrated
   [ cēn ]    (idiom) variable, uneven, irregular
   [ cēn cuò luò ]    uneven and jumbled (idiom); irregular and disorderly, in a tangled mess
   [ cān ]    to comprehend (the nature of things etc), to achieve enlightenment
   [ cān zhàn ]    to go to war, to engage in war
   [ cān baì ]    to formally call on, to worship (a God), to pay homage to sb
   [ cān zhèng ]    to be involved in politics, participation in politics
   [ cān zhèng quán ]    suffrage, voting rights
   [ cān shù ]    parameter
   [ cān ]    to proofread, to revise one or more editions of a text using an authoritative edition as a source book, to editorially revise a text
   [ cān zhaò ]    to consult a reference, to refer to (another document)
   [ cān zhaò ]    frame of reference, coordinate frame (math.)
   [ cān kàn ]    see also, please refer to, compare (cf.), to consult for reference
   [ cān chán ]    to practice Chan Buddhist meditation, to practice Zen meditation, to sit in meditation
   [ cān kaǒ ]    consultation, reference, to consult, to refer
   [ cān kaǒ wén xiàn ]    cited material, reference (to the literature), bibliography
   [ cān kaǒ shū ]    reference book
   [ cān kaǒ caí ]    reference material, source documents
   [ cān kaǒ tuǒ qiú ]    reference ellipsoid (geodesy)
   [ cān kaǒ ]    Reference News (PRC limited-distribution daily newspaper)
   [ cān kaǒ ]    frame of reference
   [ cān kaǒ ]    reference material, bibliography
   [ cān ]    equity participation (finance)
   [ cān ]    to participate (in sth)
   [ cān zhě ]    participant
   [ shēn róng ]    ginseng and young deer antler (used in TCM)
   [ shēn shǔ ]    Dioscorea alata (Kinampay or aromatic purple yam, a sweet root crop)
   [ cān jiàn ]    to refer to, see also, compare (cf.), to pay respect to
   [ cān guān ]    to look around, to tour, to visit
   [ cān fǎng tuán ]    delegation
   [ cān xiáng ]    to collate and examine critically (texts etc)
   [ cān moú ]    staff officer, to give advice
   [ cān moú zǒng zhǎng ]    army Chief of Staff
   [ cān moú zhǎng ]    chief of staff
   [ cān ]    to visit, to pay one's respects to (a revered figure etc), to pay homage (at a tomb etc)
   [ cān ]    consultant, adviser
   [ cān yuán ]    senator
   [ cān yuàn ]    senate, upper chamber (of legislative assembly)
   [ cān saì ]    to compete, to take part in a competition
   [ cān saì zhě ]    competitor, CL:名[ming2]
   [ cān zàn ]    to serve as an adviser, (diplomatic rank) attaché, counselor
   [ cān jūn ]    to join the army
   [ cān toù ]    to fully grasp, to penetrate
   [ cān xuǎn ]    to be a candidate in an election or other selection process, to run for office, to turn out to vote
   [ cān xuǎn rén ]    election participant, candidate
   [ cān xuǎn ]    voter turnout
   [ cān zhuó ]    to consider (a matter), to deliberate
   [ cān liàng ]    parameter (math), quantity used as a parameter, modulus (math.)
   [ cān liàng kōng jiān ]    moduli space (math.), parameter space
   [ cān yuè ]    to consult, to refer to, to read (instructions)
   [ cān yuàn ]    abbr. for 參議院|参议院[can1 yi4 yuan4], senate, upper chamber (of legislative assembly)
   [ cān ]    to mix
   [ shēn tāng ]    samgyetang, popular Korean chicken soup with ginseng, spices etc
   [ cān ]    variant of 參與|参与[can1 yu4]
⇒    [ dān shēn ]    (botany) red sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza)
⇒    [ rén shēn ]    ginseng
⇒    [ chuán cān ]    to pass an argument (computing), abbr. for 傳遞參數|传递参数[chuan2 di4 can1 shu4]
⇒    [ jǐn zuò cān kaǒ ]    for reference only
⇒    [ jǐn gōng cān kaǒ ]    for reference only
⇒    [ neì cān ]    restricted document, available only to certain individuals such as high-ranking Party officials (abbr. for 內部參考|内部参考), (literary) palace eunuch
⇒    [ yoū cān bàn ]    to have mixed feelings (about sth)
⇒    [ zēng liàng cān shù ]    incremental parameter
⇒    [ cān zhèng quán ]    women's suffrage
⇒    [ shí cān ]    (computing) actual parameter, argument, abbr. for 實際參數|实际参数[shi2 ji4 can1 shu4]
⇒    [ shí cān shù ]    (computing) actual parameter, argument
⇒    [ chuān dǎng shēn ]    Sichuan codonopsis (Codonopsis pilosula, root used in TCM)
⇒    [ cháng cān shù ]    parametrization by arc length (of a space curve)
⇒    [ caó cān ]    Cao Can (-190 BC), second chancellor of Han Dynasty, contributed to its founding by fighting on Liu Bang's 劉邦|刘邦[Liu2 Bang1] side during the Chu-Han Contention 楚漢戰爭|楚汉战争[Chu3 Han4 Zhan4 zheng1], also pr. [Cao2 Shen1]
⇒    [ zēng shēn ]    Zeng Shen (505-435 BC), a.k.a. 曾子[Zeng1 zi3], student of Confucius, presumed editor or author of Confucian classic the Great Learning 大學|大学[Da4 xue2]
⇒    [ zhèng cān shù ]    regular parametrization
⇒    [ shēn ]    hemlock (Conium maculatum)
⇒    [ shā shēn ]    ladybell root (Radix adenophorae)
⇒    [ haǐ shēn ]    sea cucumber
⇒    [ haǐ shēn waǐ ]    Vladivostok, Ming and Qing name for Vladivostok 符拉迪沃斯托克 and the province around it
⇒    [ xuán shēn ]    Ningpo figwort (Scrophularia ningpoensis), root of Ningpo figwort (used in TCM)
⇒    [ yuē hàn cān shū ]    Third epistle of St John, also written 約翰三書|约翰三书
⇒    [ zǒng cān moú ]    (military) General Staff Headquarters
⇒    [ zǒng cān moú zhǎng ]    (military) Chief of Staff
⇒    [ meǐ guó cān yuàn ]    United States Senate
⇒    [ huā shēn ]    American ginseng
⇒    [ shēn ]    liquorice (Sophora flavescens), with roots used in TCM
⇒ 西   [ yáng shēn ]    American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)
⇒    [ xiè jué cān guān ]    closed to visitors, no admittance
⇒    [ xuǎn mín cān jiā ]    voter participation rate
⇒    [ gaō cān ]    senior staff officer, staff officer of great talent
⇒    [ gaō shēn ]    Koryo ginseng
⇒    [ dǎng shēn ]    poor man's ginseng (Codonopsis pilosula), codonopsis root (used in TCM)