Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+548E (咎)

fault, defect; error, mistake
Strokes (without radical) 5 Total Strokes 8
Mandarin reading jiù gaō Cantonese reading gau3 gou1
Japanese on reading kyuu kou Japanese kun reading toga togameru
Korean reading kwu ko Vietnamese reading

CEDICT Entries:

   [ jiù ]    fault, to blame, to punish, calamity, misfortune
   [ jiù yoǔ yīng ]    to deserve what one gets (punishment, mishap etc) (idiom)
   [ jiù yoú ]    to have only oneself to blame (idiom), to bring trouble through one's own actions
⇒    [ jiù wǎng ]    not censure sb for his past misdeeds, overlook sb's past mistakes, let bygones be bygones
⇒    [ rèn jiù ]    to take the blame
⇒    [ dòng zhé jiù ]    faulted at every turn (idiom); can't get anything right
⇒    [ yǐn jiù ]    to take the blame, to accept responsibility (for a mistake)
⇒    [ yǐn jiù zhí ]    to admit responsibility and resign
⇒    [ wǎng jiù ]    to forget and not bear recriminations (idiom); to let bygones be bygones, There is no point in crying over spilt milk.
⇒    [ guī jiù ]    to put the blame on, to accuse
⇒    [ jiù ]    see 咎由自取[jiu4 you2 zi4 qu3]
⇒    [ nán jiù ]    cannot escape censure (idiom), has to bear the blame