Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+54C4 (哄)

coax; beguile, cheat, deceive
Strokes (without radical) 6 Total Strokes 9
Mandarin reading hōng hǒng hòng Cantonese reading hung2 hung3 hung6
Japanese on reading kou Japanese kun reading koe taburakasu
Korean reading hong Vietnamese reading họng

CEDICT Entries:

   [ hōng ]   resound with laughter
   [ hōng qǐang ]   looting
   [ hōng qǐang ]   looting
   [ hǒng ]   deceive, coax
   [ hòng ]   have a hilarious time, riot
⇒    [ hòng ]   (v) gather together and cause a commotion
⇒    [ hōng ér sàn ]   (saying) disperse in confusion