Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+596E (奮)

strive, exert effort; arouse
Strokes (without radical) 13 Total Strokes 16
Mandarin reading fèn Cantonese reading fan5
Japanese on reading fun Japanese kun reading furuu
Korean reading pwun Vietnamese reading phấn
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ fèn ]    to exert oneself (bound form)
   [ fèn shēn ]    to dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety (idiom); undaunted by dangers, regardless of perils
   [ fèn ]    to do everything one can, to spare no effort, to strive
   [ fèn yǒng ]    dauntless, to summon up courage and determination, using extreme force of will
   [ fèn zhàn ]    to fight bravely, (fig.) to struggle, to work hard
   [ fèn yáng weī ]    a show of strength
   [ fèn ]    to rouse to vigorous action, energetic mood
   [ fèn qiáng ]    to work energetically for prosperity (of the country)
   [ fèn shū ]    to write at a tremendous speed
   [ fèn meì ]    to roll up one's sleeves for action
   [ fèn ]    to rise vigorously, a spirited start
   [ fèn ]    Fenchihu, town in Chiayi County, Taiwan
   [ fèn zhí zhuī ]    to catch up vigorously, to set off in hot pursuit
   [ fèn jìn ]    to advance bravely, to endeavor
   [ fèn jìn haò ]    Space Shuttle Endeavor
   [ fèn feī ]    to spread wings and fly
   [ fèn doù ]    to strive, to struggle
⇒    [ kàng fèn ]    excited, stimulated
⇒    [ lìng rén zhèn fèn ]    inspiring, exciting, rousing
⇒    [ qín fèn ]    hardworking, diligent
⇒    [ qín fèn ]    diligent, assiduous
⇒    [ fǎn xīng fèn ]    anti-doping, anti-stimulant, policy against drugs in sports
⇒    [ tiān caí chū qín fèn ]    genius comes from hard effort, Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration (Thomas Edison)
⇒    [ jūn fèn zhàn ]    lit. lone army putting up a brave fight (idiom), fig. (of a person or group of people) struggling hard without support
⇒    [ gǎn fèn ]    moved and inspired, fired with enthusiasm
⇒    [ zhèn fèn ]    to stir oneself up, to raise one's spirits, to inspire
⇒    [ áng fèn ]    buoyant, high-spirited, vigorous
⇒    [ fèn ]    aroused, excited
⇒    [ fèn ]    to make an effort, to push for sth, to work hard
⇒    [ fèn qiáng ]    to make an effort to become strong (idiom); determined to do better, to pull one's socks up
⇒    [ fèn yoǔ weí ]    to prove one's worth through firm resolve (idiom)
⇒    [ gaò fèn yǒng ]    to volunteer for, to offer to undertake
⇒    [ xīng fèn ]    excited, excitement, (physiology) excitation
⇒    [ xīng fèn ]    stimulant, doping (in athletics)
⇒    [ xīng fèn gaō chaó ]    peak of excitement, orgasm
⇒    [ jiān fèn doù ]    to struggle arduously
⇒    [ zoū taō fèn ]    Zou Taofen (1895-1944), journalist, political theorist and publisher