Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+5C0A (尊)

respect, revere, venerate; honor
Strokes (without radical) 9 Total Strokes 12
Mandarin reading zūn Cantonese reading zeon1 zyun1
Japanese on reading son Japanese kun reading tattoi toutoi tattobu
Korean reading con cwun Vietnamese reading tôn

CEDICT Entries:

   [ zūn ]    senior, of a senior generation, to honor, to respect, honorific, classifier for cannons and statues, ancient wine vessel
   [ zūn gōng ]    (honorific) your father
   [ zūn beī ]    superior and subordinate, social ranking
   [ zūn jūn ]    (honorific) your father
   [ zūn mìng ]    your order (honorific)
   [ zūn yán ]    dignity, sanctity, honor, majesty
   [ zūn táng ]    (honorific) your mother
   [ zūn fèng ]    worship, to revere, to venerate
   [ zūn róng ]    august countenance, your face (usually mocking)
   [ zūn shàng ]    to value highly, to hold up sth as a model
   [ zūn chóng ]    to revere, to admire, to honor, to venerate
   [ zūn shī ]    revered master
   [ zūn shī ]    title of a Daoist priest, revered master
   [ zūn shī guì daò ]    to revere the master and his teaching
   [ zūn cóng ]    to obey, to observe, to follow
   [ zūn ]    (honorific) your respected opinion, What do you think, your majesty?
   [ zūn jìng ]    to respect, to revere
   [ zūn róng ]    honor and glory
   [ zūn chēng ]    to address sb deferentially, title, honorific
   [ zūn wēng ]    (honorific) your father
   [ zūn laǒ ]    respect the aged
   [ zūn laǒ yoù ]    respect the old and cherish the young
   [ zūn zhě ]    honored sir (a person of higher status or seniority, or a Buddhist monk)
   [ zūn haò ]    honorific title, form of address reserved for a queen, ancestor, emperor etc
   [ zūn qīn ]    (honorific) your parent
   [ zūn guì ]    respected, respectable, honorable
使   [ zūn xián shǐ néng ]    to respect talent and make use of ability (Mencius)
   [ zūn xián ]    to honor the wise and love the people, respecting noble talent while protecting the common people
   [ zūn zhòng ]    to esteem, to respect, to honor, to value, eminent, serious, proper
   [ zūn zhǎng ]    one's superior, one's elders and betters
   [ zūn jià ]    lit. your honored carriage, your highness, honored Sir (also sarcastic), you
   [ zūn ]    trout
⇒    [ shì zūn ]    World Honored One, Revered One of the World (Buddha)
⇒    [ lìng zūn ]    Your esteemed father (honorific)
⇒    [ lìng zūn lìng táng ]    (honorific) your parents
⇒    [ miǎn kaī zūn koǔ ]    keep your thoughts to yourself
⇒    [ zūn jìng ]    respectable
⇒    [ zūn ]    Wu Zun or Chun Wu (1979-), Bruneian actor, vocalist of Fei Lun Hai (Fahrenheit)
⇒    [ tiān zūn ]    (honorific appellation of a deity)
⇒    [ wàng zūn ]    ridiculous self-importance (idiom); arrogance
⇒    [ weī zūn mìng jiàn ]    orders weightier than life
⇒    [ ān zūn róng ]    well-off and respected (idiom), to be content with one's wealth and position
⇒    [ dìng zūn ]    (idiom) to rely on a single authority to determine what is correct, to regard a source (or entity or individual) as the ultimate authority
⇒    [ zūn ]    to condescend, to deign
⇒    [ zūn jiù ]    to condescend, condescending, patronizing
⇒    [ shī zūn ]    teacher, master
⇒    [ nián zūn ]    aged and respected, senior
⇒ 便   [ tīng zūn biàn ]    (idiom) do as you see fit, do whatever you like, (I, we) leave it in your hands
⇒    [ tuī zūn ]    to esteem, to revere, to think highly of sb
⇒    [ zūn róng ]    to care nothing for worldly fame and glory (idiom)
⇒    [ jìng laǒ zūn xián ]    to respect the wise and venerate the worthy (idiom); to honor the great and the good
⇒    [ běn zūn ]    (Buddhism) yidam (one's chosen meditational deity), the principal object of worship on a Buddhist altar, (of a monk who has the ability to appear in multiple places at the same time) the honored one himself (contrasted with his alternate forms, 分身[fen1 shen1]), (fig.) (jocular) the genuine article, the real McCoy, the man himself, the woman herself, the original manifestation of sth (not a spin-off or a clone)
⇒    [ zūn ]    to revere as sole orthodoxy, to hold supremacy (of a religion, ideology, cultural norm, social group etc), to be dominant
⇒    [ zūn shù ]    dismiss the hundred schools, revere only the Confucians (slogan of the Former Han dynasty)
⇒    [ nán zūn beī ]    to regard men as superior to women (idiom)
⇒    [ chù baǐ jiā zūn shù ]    Dismiss the hundred schools, revere only the Confucian (idiom), sole dominant ideology
⇒    [ zūn ]    self-respect, self-esteem, ego, pride
⇒    [ zūn xīn ]    self-respect, self-esteem, ego
⇒    [ zhì zūn ]    the most honorable, the most respected, supreme, (archaic) the emperor
⇒    [ shí caí zūn xián ]    to recognize talent and have great respect for it
⇒    [ zhuī zūn ]    posthumous honorific name
⇒    [ shì zūn ]    another name for Sakyamuni 釋迦牟尼佛|释迦牟尼佛, the historical Buddha
⇒    [ yǎng zūn chǔ yoū ]    to live like a prince (idiom)