Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+5E7D (幽)


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quiet, secluded, tranquil; dark
Strokes (without radical) 6 Total Strokes 9
Mandarin reading yoū Cantonese reading jau1
Japanese on reading yuu Japanese kun reading kurai kasuka
Korean reading yu Vietnamese reading

CEDICT Entries:

   [ yoū ]    remote, hidden away, secluded, serene, peaceful, to imprison, in superstition indicates the underworld, ancient district spanning Liaonang and Hebei provinces
   [ yoū ]    secluded, quiet and remote, obscure and faraway
   [ yoū míng ]    dark, hell, netherworld, hades
   [ yoū líng ]    to keep in confinement, to confine
   [ yoū ]    (of a place) isolated and quiet
   [ yoū zhoū ]    Youzhou, ancient province in north Hebei and Liaoning, Fanyang 範陽|范阳 ancient city near modern Beijing
   [ yoū yoū ]    faint, indistinct
   [ yoū jìng ]    secluded path
   [ yoū weī ]    faint, subtle (of sound, scent etc), profound, mysterious, dim
   [ yoū yuàn ]    hidden bitterness, secret grudge
   [ yoū míng ]    the hidden and the visible, that which can be seen and that which cannot, darkness and light, night and day, wisdom and ignorance, evil and good, the living and the dead, men and ghosts
   [ yoū àn ]    gloom
   [ yoū huì ]    lovers' rendezvous, tryst
   [ yoū ]    UFO (loanword), unidentified flying object, space ship
   [ yoū shēn ]    serene and hidden in depth or distance
   [ yoū jìn ]    to imprison, to place under house arrest
   [ yoū ]    moss green, dark sea green
   [ yoū meǐ ]    (of a location) beautiful and tranquil
   [ yoū ]    deep valley
   [ yoū suì ]    profound and unfathomable
   [ yoū mén ]    pylorus (anatomy)
   [ yoū mén luó xuán gǎn jūn ]    Helicobacter pylori (stomach bacterium)
   [ yoū mén luó xuán jūn ]    Helicobacter pylori (stomach bacterium)
   [ yoū mén luó gǎn jūn ]    Helicobacter pylori (stomach bacterium)
   [ yoū kǒng ]    claustrophobia
   [ yoū kǒng zhèng ]    claustrophobia
   [ yoū ]    serene and elegant (of a place), ethereal (of music)
   [ yoū líng ]    specter, apparition, ghost
   [ yoū jìng ]    quiet, secluded, isolated, peaceful
   [ yoū xiāng ]    delicate fragrance
   [ yoū hún ]    ghost, spirit (of the dead)
   [ yoū ]    (loanword) humor, humorous
   [ yoū gǎn ]    sense of humor
⇒    [ yoū líng zaì zhoū yoú dàng ]    Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa., the opening sentence of Marx and Engels' "Communist Manifesto"
⇒    [ zhoū yoū wáng ]    King You of Zhou (795-771 BC), last king of Western Zhou 西周[Xi1 Zhou1]
⇒    [ yoū yoū ]    faint, indistinct
⇒    [ tàn yoū weī ]    to probe deeply and uncover minute details
⇒    [ zōng toú yoū meí ]    (bird species of China) puff-throated babbler (Pellorneum ruficeps)
⇒    [ qīng yoū ]    (of a location) quiet and secluded, beautiful and secluded
⇒    [ baí yoū meí ]    (bird species of China) spot-throated babbler (Pellorneum albiventre)