Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+5F04 (弄)

do, play or fiddle with; alley
Radical 𢌬廾
Strokes (without radical) 4 Total Strokes 7
Mandarin reading nòng lòng Cantonese reading lung6 nung6
Japanese on reading rou Japanese kun reading moteasobu tawamureru
Korean reading long Vietnamese reading lộng
Specialized Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ lòng ]    lane, alley
   [ nòng ]    to do, to manage, to handle, to play with, to fool with, to mess with, to fix, to toy with
   [ nòng bu dǒng ]    unable to make sense of (sth)
   [ nòng bu qīng ]    unable to figure out
   [ nòng diū ]    to lose
   [ nòng luàn ]    to mess up, to put into disorder, to meddle with, to confuse
   [ nòng jiǎ chéng zhēn ]    pretense that turns into reality (idiom); to play at make-believe, but accidentally make it true
   [ nòng shāng ]    to bruise, to hurt (something)
   [ nòng jiāng ]    to bring to deadlock, to result in a stalemate
   [ nòng daò ]    to get hold of, to obtain, to secure, to come by
   [ nòng daò shoǔ ]    to get in hand, to get (one's) hands on, to get hold of (in the sense of to acquire)
   [ nòng zuǐ nòng shé ]    to cause a dispute through boastful gossip (idiom)
   [ lòng táng ]    (dialect) alley, lane
   [ nòng ]    to ruin, to spoil, to break
   [ nòng gǎng suì meí ]    (bird species of China) Nonggang babbler (Stachyris nonggangensis)
   [ nòng fǎn zhuō ]    see 弄巧成拙[nong4 qiao3 cheng2 zhuo1]
   [ nòng chéng zhuō ]    to overreach oneself, to try to be clever and end up with egg on one's face
   [ nòng píng ]    to flatten
   [ nòng dǒng ]    to make sense of, to grasp the meaning of, to figure out
   [ nòng dǒng nòng tōng ]    to get a thorough understanding of sth (idiom)
   [ nòng míng bai ]    to figure out how to do something
   [ nòng waī ]    to distort
   [ nòng ]    to kill, to put to death
   [ nòng hún ]    to confuse (fail to differentiate)
   [ nòng qīng ]    to clarify, to fully understand
   [ nòng zhoù ]    to crumple
   [ nòng zhí ]    to straighten
   [ nòng duǎn ]    to shorten, shortening
   [ nòng suì ]    to crumble
   [ nòng zaō ]    to spoil, to mess up
   [ nòng chén ]    emperor's favorite courtier
   [ nòng zuò jiǎ ]    to practice fraud (idiom); by trickery
   [ nòng zoǔ ]    (coll.) to take (sth) away, to get rid of
   [ nòng tōng ]    to get a good grasp of
   [ nòng xǐng ]    to wake sb up
   [ nòng cuò ]    to err, to get sth wrong, to miscalculate, to misunderstand
   [ nòng zāng ]    to make dirty, to defile, to smear
⇒    [ diū meí nòng ]    to wink at sb
⇒    [ zuò nòng ]    to tease, to play tricks on
⇒    [ shì nòng ]    to look after, to tend (one's crops, garden, livestock, pets etc), to repair
⇒    [ nòng ]    to mock, to bully and insult
⇒    [ daǒ nong ]    to move (things around), to buy and sell at a profit (derog.)
⇒    [ huō leng ]    (dialect) to mix, to stir, to make trouble
⇒    [ yín fēng nòng yuè ]    lit. singing of the wind and the moon; fig. vacuous and sentimental (of poetry or art)
⇒    [ hán nòng sūn ]    lit. to play with one's grandchildren while eating candy (idiom), fig. to enjoy a happy and leisurely old age
⇒    [ nòng ]    to fool, to deceive
⇒    [ nòng ]    to fool, to deceive
⇒    [ chaó nòng ]    to tease, to poke fun at, to make fun of
⇒    [ xiàng lòng ]    alley, lane
⇒    [ nòng zuǐ nòng shé ]    to cause a dispute through boastful gossip (idiom)
⇒    [ nòng dǒng nòng tōng ]    to get a thorough understanding of sth (idiom)
⇒    [ nòng ]    to make a fool out of, to fool, to dupe
⇒    [ nòng ]    to play tricks on, to make fun of, to tease
⇒    [ nòng ]    to play with, to finger
⇒    [ nòng ]    to incite, to provoke, to tease
⇒    [ zhuō nòng ]    to tease
⇒ 姿   [ saō shoǔ nòng ]    to stroke one's hair coquettishly (idiom)
⇒    [ daǒ nòng ]    to move back and forward, to trade
⇒    [ bān nòng ]    to fiddle with, to play and move sth about, to show off (what one can do), to parade (one's capabilities), to cause trouble
⇒    [ bān nòng shì feī ]    to incite a quarrel (idiom); to sow discord between people, to tell tales, to make mischief
⇒    [ nòng ]    to move to and fro (with hand, foot, stick etc), to fiddle with, to stir up
⇒    [ nòng ]    to fondle, to caress, to stroke
⇒    [ nong ]    to order people about, to stir up, to sow discord
⇒    [ caō nòng ]    to manipulate, manipulation
⇒    [ meí nòng yǎn ]    to make eyes, to wink
⇒    [ baǐ nòng ]    to move back and forth, to fiddle with
⇒    [ nòng xuán ]    deliberately mystifying, to make sth unnecessarily complicated
⇒    [ shū nòng ]    (old) to deflorate a prostitute
⇒    [ xuàn nòng ]    to show off, to flaunt
⇒    [ wán nòng ]    to play with, to toy with, to dally with, to engage in, to resort to
⇒    [ wán nòng zaǒ ]    to juggle with words (dishonestly), to be a hypocrite and hide behind florid rhetoric
⇒    [ bān mén nòng ]    to display one's slight skill before an expert (idiom)
⇒    [ pán nòng ]    to play around with, to fidget, to fondle
⇒    [ xiā nòng ]    to fool around with, to mess with
⇒    [ nong ]    to fool, to deceive, to go through the motions
⇒    [ shuǎ nòng ]    to play with, to engage in, to resort to, to dally with
⇒    [ nong ]    to fool, to deceive, to go through the motions
⇒    [ nòng ]    to wave, to brandish
⇒    [ wén nòng ]    (idiom) to display one's facility with words, to show off one's literary skills, (original meaning) to pervert the law by playing with legal phraseology (墨[mo4] was a reference to 繩墨|绳墨[sheng2 mo4])
⇒    [ zhuāng shén nòng guǐ ]    lit. to pretend to be in contact with supernatural beings (idiom), fig. to engage in hocus-pocus
⇒ 調   [ nòng ]    to tease, to make fun of, to provoke, to stir up (trouble)
⇒    [ maì nong ]    to show off, to make a display of
⇒    [ doù nòng ]    to tease, to provoke, to play with (a child, animal etc)
⇒    [ lòng ]    lanes and alleys, neighborhood, lane neighborhoods in parts of Shanghai, with modified Chinese courtyard houses, occupied by single families in the 1930s, now crowded with multiple families
⇒    [ xiǎn nòng ]    to flaunt, to show off