Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+5F14 (弔)

condole, mourn, pity; hang
Radical 𢎗𢎘
Strokes (without radical) 1 Total Strokes 4
Mandarin reading
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Cantonese reading diu3
Japanese on reading chou teki Japanese kun reading tomurau tsuru
Korean reading co cek Vietnamese reading điếu
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ ]    a string of 100 cash (arch.), to lament, to condole with, variant of 吊[diao4]
   [ ]    to console the people by punishing the tyrants (abbr. for 弔民伐罪|吊民伐罪[diao4 min2 fa2 zui4])
   [ ]    to revisit the past, to commemorate
   [ yàn ]    variant of 吊唁[diao4 yan4]
   [ sāng ]    to visit the bereaved to offer one's condolences
   [ ]    a condolence visit
   [ ]    a visitor offering condolences
   [ weì ]    to offer condolences, to console the bereaved
   [ wén ]    paper prayers for the dead burnt at funerals
   [ wèn ]    to grieve for the sick and the dying, to show great concern for people's suffering
   [ mín zuì ]    to console the people by punishing the tyrants (idiom)
   [ ]    a worship ceremony for the dead, to offer sacrifice (to ancestors), a libation
   [ guǐ ]    bizarre, paradoxical, a paradox (from Daoist classic Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子[Zhuang1 zi3])
   [ guǐ jīn ]    strange and paradoxical
⇒    [ xíng yǐng xiāng ]    with only body and shadow to comfort each other (idiom), extremely sad and lonely
⇒    [ píng ]    to visit a place for the memories, to pay homage to (the deceased)
⇒    [ ]    to mourn and offer prayers
⇒    [ kaī ]    to hold memorial service, to hold a funeral