Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+5F15 (引)

to pull, draw out, attract; to stretch
Radical 𢎗𢎘
Strokes (without radical) 1 Total Strokes 4
Mandarin reading yǐn Cantonese reading jan5
Japanese on reading in Japanese kun reading hiku
Korean reading in Vietnamese reading dẫn

CEDICT Entries:

   [ yǐn ]    to draw (e.g. a bow), to pull, to stretch sth, to extend, to lengthen, to involve or implicate in, to attract, to lead, to guide, to leave, to provide evidence or justification for, old unit of distance equal to 10 丈[zhang4], one-thirtieth of a km or 33.33 meters
   [ yǐn rén shèng ]    to enchant, fascinating
   [ yǐn rén zhù ]    to attract attention, eye-catching, conspicuous
   [ yǐn rén zhù ]    to attract attention, eye-catching, conspicuous
   [ yǐn weí ]    to be intensely proud of sth (idiom)
   [ yǐn weí hàn ]    to consider sth regrettable (idiom)
   [ yǐn weí jiè ]    to take sth as a warning (idiom), to draw a lesson from a case where things turned out badly
   [ yǐn weí róng ]    to regard it as an honor (idiom)
   [ yǐn xìn ]    a detonator
   [ yǐn xìn tǒng ]    fuzing system
   [ yǐn ]    to draw into, to pull into, to introduce
   [ yǐn ]    to mislead, to lead astray
   [ yǐn chū ]    to extract, to draw out
   [ yǐn bié ]    to leave, to say goodbye
   [ yǐn ]    gravitation (force), attraction
   [ yǐn chǎng ]    gravitational field
   [ yǐn ]    gravitational wave
   [ yǐn xiàng ]    to lead to, to draw to, to steer towards
   [ yǐn háng gaō ]    to sing at the top of one's voice (idiom)
   [ yǐn jiù ]    to take the blame, to accept responsibility (for a mistake)
   [ yǐn jiù zhí ]    to admit responsibility and resign
   [ yǐn xián ]    to avoid arousing suspicions
   [ yǐn zi ]    introduction, primer, opening words
   [ yǐn daǒ ]    to guide, to lead (around), to conduct, to boot, introduction, primer
   [ yǐn daǒ yuán ]    usher, guide
   [ yǐn daǒ shàn ]    boot sector
   [ yǐn ]    index (loanword)
   [ yǐn zhēng ]    quotation, citing, to cite, to reference
   [ yǐn qíng ]    engine (loanword), CL:臺|台[tai2]
   [ yǐn qíng gaì ]    (car) hood, bonnet
   [ yǐn ]    reported speech (in grammar)
   [ yǐn wén ]    quotation, citation
   [ yǐn chaí ]    kindling (to light a fire)
   [ yǐn shuǐ ]    to pilot a ship, to channel water, to draw water (for irrigation)
   [ yǐn shuǐ qiáng ]    lit. to lead the water through the wall, to ask for trouble (idiom)
   [ yǐn shuǐ gōng chéng ]    water-induction engineering, irrigation engineering
   [ yǐn jué ]    to commit suicide
   [ yǐn ]    irrigation channel
   [ yǐn liú ]    to drain, (medicine) drainage
   [ yǐn ]    to extradite
   [ yǐn huǒ ]    to kindle, to light a fire
   [ yǐn huǒ chaí ]    kindling
   [ yǐn huǒ shaō shēn ]    to invite trouble
   [ yǐn huǒ xiàn ]    fuse (for explosives), (fig.) proximate cause, the last straw
   [ yǐn rán ]    to ignite, to start (a fire), (fig.) to spark (debate, conflict etc)
   [ yǐn baò ]    to cause to burn, to ignite, to detonate, a fuse
   [ yǐn baò zhuāng zhì ]    detonator
   [ yǐn baò diǎn ]    tipping point
   [ yǐn goǔ zhaì ]    to lead the dog into the village (idiom), to introduce a potential source of trouble
   [ yǐn láng shì ]    to show the wolf into the house (idiom), to introduce a potential source of trouble
   [ yǐn zhī zhuān ]    lit. a brick thrown to prompt others to produce a jade (idiom), fig. a modest suggestion intended to prompt others to come forward with better ideas
   [ yǐn ]    lemma (math.)
   [ yǐn chǎn ]    to induce labor (childbirth)
   [ yǐn yòng ]    to quote, to cite, to recommend, to appoint, (computing) reference
   [ yǐn yòng ]    quotation
   [ yǐn shēn ]    to extend (the meaning of a word, an analogy etc), derivation
   [ yǐn shēn ]    extended meaning (of an expression), derived sense
   [ yǐn ]    to lead to, to trigger, to initiate, to cause, to evoke (emotions)
   [ yǐn zhǒng ]    (agriculture) to introduce a new plant variety
   [ yǐn zhòng ]    (agriculture) to plant an introduced variety
   [ yǐn jīng diǎn ]    lit. to quote the classics, to quote chapter and verse (idiom)
   [ yǐn xiàn ]    fuse (for an explosive device), electrical lead, intermediary, catalyst, (dialect) sewing needle
穿   [ yǐn xiàn chuān zhēn ]    a pull-through to thread a needle, fig. to act as go-between
   [ yǐn ér ]    to pull the bow without shooting (idiom from Mencius); ready and waiting for action, to go through the motions, to practice, a trial run
   [ yǐn ]    lead, pin (computer hardware)
   [ yǐn zhaó ]    to ignite, to kindle
   [ yǐn jiàn ]    to recommend sb, to give a referral
   [ yǐn haò ]    quotation mark (punct.)
   [ yǐn haò wán ]    unquote, end of quote
   [ yǐn haò wán ]    unquote, end of quote
   [ yǐn shé chū dòng ]    lit. to pull a snake from its hole, to expose a malefactor (idiom)
   [ yǐn jiàn ]    to introduce (sb), (esp.) to present to the emperor
   [ yǐn yán ]    foreword, introduction
   [ yǐn yoù ]    to coerce (sb into doing sth bad), to lure (into a trap), to seduce
   [ yǐn ]    quotation
   [ yǐn zhèng ]    to cite, to quote, to cite as evidence
   [ yǐn ]    to give rise to, to lead to, to cause, to arouse
   [ yǐn ]    to guide, to show the way
   [ yǐn shù ]    to quote
退   [ yǐn tuì ]    to retire from office, to resign
   [ yǐn doù ]    to tantalize, to lead on, to tease
   [ yǐn jìn ]    to recommend, to introduce (from outside)
   [ yǐn kaī ]    to lure away, to divert
   [ yǐn lǐng ]    to crane one's neck, to await eagerly, to lead, to show the way
   [ yǐn jǐng ]    to crane one's neck, (fig.) with one's neck outstretched in expectation
   [ yǐn jǐng jiù ]    to extend one's neck in preparation for execution (idiom)
   [ yǐn xiàng shàng ]    chin-up (physical exercise)
   [ yǐn guǐ shàng mén ]    to invite the devil to one's house (idiom), to introduce a potential source of trouble
⇒    [ rén roù soū suǒ yǐn qíng ]    human flesh search engine, a large-scale collective effort to find details about a person or event (Internet slang)
⇒    [ gōng yǐn ]    hectometer
⇒    [ goū yǐn ]    to seduce, to tempt
⇒    [ yǐn ]    to attract (interest, investment etc), CL:個|个[ge4]
⇒    [ yǐn ]    attractive force (such as gravitation), sex appeal, attractiveness
⇒    [ yǐn zi ]    attractor (math., dynamical systems)
⇒    [ yǐn wǎng luò ]    attractor network
⇒    [ péng yǐn bàn ]    to gather one's friends, to band together
⇒    [ péng yǐn leì ]    to call up all one's associates, rent-a-crowd
⇒    [ xīn yǐn ]    earth's gravity
⇒    [ daǒ yǐn ]    same as 引導|引导[yin3 dao3], Dao Yin, Daoist exercises involving breathing, stretching and self-massage
⇒    [ shì yǐn ]    unit of distance equal to one-thirtieth km or 33.33 meters
⇒    [ paō zhuān yǐn ]    lit. throw out a brick and get jade thrown back (idiom), fig. to attract others' interest or suggestions by putting forward one's own modest ideas to get the ball rolling
⇒    [ zhaō shāng yǐn ]    investment promotion
⇒    [ zhaō yǐn ]    to attract
⇒    [ zhaō fēng yǐn dié ]    (of a flower) to attract bees and butterflies, (fig.) to attract the opposite sex, to flirt
⇒    [ zhǐ yǐn ]    to guide, to show, to point (the way), directions, guidance, guidelines
⇒    [ jiē yǐn ]    to greet and usher in (guests, newcomers etc), (Buddhism) to receive into the Pure Land
⇒    [ yuán yǐn ]    to quote, to cite, to recommend (one's friend's, associates etc)
⇒    [ soū xún yǐn qíng ]    search engine
⇒    [ soū suǒ yǐn qíng ]    search engine
⇒    [ zhaī yǐn ]    quote
⇒    [ yǐn chē ]    (Tw) tractor unit, prime mover
⇒    [ dōng yǐn ]    Tungyin Island, one of the Matsu Islands, Tungyin township in Lienchiang county 連江縣|连江县[Lian2 jiang1 xian4], Taiwan
⇒    [ dōng yǐn xiāng ]    Tungyin township in Lienchiang county 連江縣|连江县[Lian2 jiang1 xian4] i.e. the Matsu Islands, Taiwan
⇒    [ yǐn ]    to draw water, (fig.) to promote sb to a more senior position
⇒    [ guāng yǐn ]    laser printer
⇒    [ qiān yǐn ]    to pull, to draw (a cart), to tow
⇒    [ qiān yǐn ]    motive force, traction
⇒    [ qiān yǐn chē ]    tractor
⇒ 穿   [ chuān zhēn yǐn xiàn ]    lit. to thread a needle (idiom); fig. to act as a go-between
⇒    [ hóng waì xiàn daǒ yǐn feī dàn ]    infrared guided missile
⇒    [ suǒ yǐn ]    index
⇒    [ fán zhēng yǐn ]    an elaborate string of references, many quotations
⇒    [ yǐn lǐng ]    waiting on tiptoes and craning one's neck (idiom), to look forward eagerly, to long for, also pr. [qiao4 zu2 yin3 ling3]
⇒    [ wàn yoǔ yǐn ]    gravity
⇒    [ jiàn yǐn ]    to introduce, to recommend
⇒    [ chù yǐn xìn ]    an impact detonator
⇒    [ zhuǎn yǐn ]    to quote from secondary source
⇒    [ doù yǐn ]    to make fun of