Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+5F70 (彰)

clear, manifest, obvious
Strokes (without radical) 11 Total Strokes 14
Mandarin reading zhāng Cantonese reading zoeng1
Japanese on reading shou sou Japanese kun reading aya akiraka arawareru
Korean reading chang Vietnamese reading

CEDICT Entries:

   [ zhāng ]    clear, conspicuous, manifest
   [ zhāng huà ]    Zhanghua or Changhua city and county in west Taiwan
   [ zhāng huà shì ]    Zhanghua or Changhua city in west Taiwan, capital of Changhua county
   [ zhāng huà xiàn ]    Zhanghua or Changhua County in west Taiwan
   [ zhāng shàn dàn è ]    to distinguish good and evil (idiom); to uphold virtue and condemn evil, to praise good and expose vice
   [ zhāng zhāng ]    obvious, manifest, clearly visible
   [ zhāng míng ]    to show clearly, to make public, obvious
   [ zhāng míng zhù ]    obvious, clear for all to see
   [ zhāng ]    Zhangwu county in Fuxin 阜新, Liaoning
   [ zhāng xiàn ]    Zhangwu county in Fuxin 阜新, Liaoning
   [ zhāng xiǎn ]    to put on display (sth abstract), to draw attention to, conspicuous
⇒    [ zhāng zhāng ]    obvious, manifest, clearly visible
⇒    [ è míng zhaō zhāng ]    infamous, notorious
⇒    [ gaì zhāng ]    trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous (idiom); A cover up only makes matters worse.
⇒    [ xiāng zhāng ]    to bring out the best in each other (idiom), to complement one another well
⇒    [ zhòng zhaō zhāng ]    lit. the masses are sharp-eyed (idiom), fig. one is subjected to the scrutiny of the general public
⇒    [ choù míng zhaō zhāng ]    notorious for his misdeeds (idiom), infamous
⇒    [ zhāng ]    to honor, to commend, to cite (in dispatches)
⇒    [ diē dàng zhaō zhāng ]    flowing (of prose), free