Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+60D8 (惘)

disconcerted, dejected, discouraged
Radical 𢖩
Strokes (without radical) 8 Total Strokes 11
Mandarin reading wǎng Cantonese reading mong5
Japanese on reading bou mou Japanese kun reading akireru
Korean reading mang Vietnamese reading

CEDICT Entries:

   [ wǎng ]    disappointed, perplexed
   [ wǎng rán ]    frustrated, perplexed, irresolute, dazed
   [ wǎng rán ruò shī ]    lit. to be frustrated as though having lost sth (idiom), fig. to be at a loss, perplexed, frustrated
⇒    [ chàng wǎng ]    distracted, listless, in low spirits
⇒    [ wǎng ]    perplexed, at a loss