Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+616E (慮)

be concerned, worry about
Radical 𢖩
Strokes (without radical) 11 Total Strokes 15
Mandarin reading Cantonese reading leoi6
Japanese on reading ryo roku Japanese kun reading omonpaka
Korean reading lye Vietnamese reading lự
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ ]    to think over, to consider, anxiety
   [ bìng zhèng ]    hypochondria
⇒    [ weí ]    to give no cause for anxiety, nothing to worry about
⇒    [ rén yuǎn yoǔ jìn yoū ]    He who gives no thought to far-flung problems soon finds suffering nearby (idiom, from Analects)., Smug concentration on the here and now will lead to future sorrow.
⇒    [ chōng fèn kaǒ ]    to give sufficient consideration to
⇒    [ qiān shī ]    reflect a thousand times and you can still make a mistake (idiom); to err is human
⇒    [ qiān ]    a thousand tries leads to one success (idiom, humble expr.); Even without any notable ability on my part, I may still get it right sometimes by good luck.
⇒    [ ]    worrisome
⇒    [ ān quán kaǒ ]    security consideration
⇒    [ guǎng fàn xìng zhèng ]    generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
⇒    [ ]    to think sth through, to consider carefully
⇒    [ yoū ]    to worry, anxiety (about)
⇒    [ yoū ]    (feel) anxiety, concern
⇒    [ guà ]    to worry about
⇒    [ zhì zhě qiān yoǔ shī ]    lit. a wise person reflecting a thousand times can still make a mistake (idiom); fig. nobody is infallible
⇒    [ zhaō ]    at dawn, not sure of lasting to evening (idiom); precarious state, imminent crisis, living from hand to mouth
⇒    [ tiān zhī ]    man of Qǐ fears the sky falling (idiom); groundless fears
⇒    [ dān jīng ]    to exhaust one's thoughts and ingenuity (idiom); to think sth through thoroughly, to rack one's brains, to leave no stone unturned
⇒    [ dān jīng jié ]    to exhaust one's thoughts and ingenuity (idiom); to think sth through thoroughly, to rack one's brains, to leave no stone unturned
⇒    [ shēn shú ]    mature reflection, after careful deliberations
⇒    [ shēn moú yuǎn ]    lit. deep plans and distant thoughts, to plan far ahead (idiom)
⇒    [ yuān ]    profound thoughts or ideas
⇒    [ ]    to free the mind from worries
⇒    [ ]    (idiom) carefree, untroubled
⇒    [ yoū ]    carefree and without worries (idiom)
⇒    [ ]    anxious, worried, apprehensive
⇒    [ ān ]    worried too much
⇒    [ zhèng ]    neurosis, anxiety
⇒    [ shú ]    careful thought
⇒    [ ]    hesitation, misgivings, doubt
⇒    [ baǐ shèng nán sān zhé naǐ liáng ]    (a line from a poem by the Tang poet Liu Yuxi 劉禹錫|刘禹锡[Liu2 Yu3 xi1]) one gains very little insight into one's enemy from a hundred victories, but he who breaks his arm three times will be a good doctor, (fig.) one learns more from one's failures than from one's successes
⇒    [ kaǒ ]    to think over, to consider, consideration
⇒    [ chǔ xīn ]    to plot actively (idiom), scheming, calculating
⇒    [ moú ]    to plan and consider, to reflect on one's best strategy
⇒    [ yuǎn ]    long-term considerations, to take the long view
⇒    [ ]    misgivings, apprehensions