Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+62D2 (拒)

ward off with hand, defend
Strokes (without radical) 5 Total Strokes 8
Mandarin reading Cantonese reading keoi5
Japanese on reading kyo ku Japanese kun reading kobamu fusegu
Korean reading ke kwu Vietnamese reading cự

CEDICT Entries:

   [ ]    to resist, to repel, to refuse
   [ jiē shoù ]    refusing to accept
   [ zhī mén waì ]    to lock one's door and refuse to see sb
   [ ]    to refuse to accept a payment, to refuse to pay, to stop (a check or payment)
   [ baǒ ]    to refuse to insure, to exclude from insurance coverage
   [ ]    to resist arrest
   [ jiē ]    to reject, to refuse to take a call
   [ shoū ]    to reject, to refuse to accept
   [ chì ]    to reject
   [ qiān ]    to refuse (a visa application etc)
   [ jué ]    to refuse, to decline, to reject
   [ fáng biàn ]    to fight corruption and forestall moral degeneration
   [ zaì ]    to refuse to take a passenger (of taxi)
   [ ]    cheval de frise (a type of barrier)
⇒    [ kàng ]    act of God, force majeure (law), irresistible (idiom)
⇒    [ laí zhě ]    to refuse nobody (idiom), all comers welcome
⇒    [ fēn shì jué ]    distributed denial of service (DDOS) form of Internet attack
⇒    [ qián mén hoù mén jìn láng ]    to beat a tiger from the front door, only to have a wolf come in at the back (idiom); fig. facing one problem after another
⇒    [ shí dòng rán ]    to reject sb after being deeply touched by them (Internet slang)
⇒    [ wǎn ]    to tactfully decline, to turn down gracefully
⇒    [ kàng ]    to resist, to defy, to oppose
⇒    [ ]    to resist, to stand up to
⇒    [ chēng ]    to resist, to struggle, to sustain
⇒    [ shēn ]    deep, closed and refusing (idiom); obstinate, stubborn and perverse
⇒    [ zaō ]    to meet with a refusal (e.g. visa), to have an application rejected