Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+6323 (挣)

strive, endeavor, struggle
Strokes (without radical) 6 Total Strokes 9
Mandarin reading zhēng zhèng Cantonese reading
Japanese on reading Japanese kun reading
Korean reading Vietnamese reading
Traditional Variant(s) to strive, endeavor, struggle; to earn; to pierce; to wedge in

CEDICT Entries:

   [ zhēng ]    see 掙扎|挣扎[zheng1 zha2]
   [ zhèng ]    to struggle to get free, to strive to acquire, to make (money)
   [ zhèng ]    to earn (income), to make (money)
   [ zhēng zhá ]    to struggle
   [ zhèng tuō ]    to throw off, to struggle free of, Taiwan pr. [zheng1 tuo1]
   [ zhèng qián ]    to make money
⇒    [ chuí zhēng zhá ]    deathbed struggle, final struggle (idiom)
⇒    [ zhēng ]    somniloquy, to talk or act in one's sleep, sleep-walking