Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+63A0 (掠)

rob, ransack, plunder; pass by
Strokes (without radical) 8 Total Strokes 11
Mandarin reading lvè lvě Cantonese reading loek6
Japanese on reading ryaku ryou Japanese kun reading kasumeru
Korean reading lyak lyang Vietnamese reading lướt

CEDICT Entries:

   [ lvè ]    to take over by force, to rob, to plunder, to brush over, to skim, to sweep
   [ lvè ]    to plunder, to pillage, to loot
   [ lvè duó ]    to plunder, to rob
   [ lvè duó zhě ]    robber, plunderer, predator
   [ lvè meǐ ]    to claim credit due to others
   [ lvè maì ]    to press-gang sb and sell into slavery
   [ lvè maì huá gōng ]    Chinese people press-ganged and sold into slavery during Western colonialism
   [ lvè guò ]    to flit across, to sweep past, to glance (strike at an angle)
   [ lvè shí ]    to prey on, predation, predatory
⇒    [ qián lvè ]    swept-forward wing (on jet fighter)
⇒    [ jié lvè ]    to loot, to plunder
⇒    [ kaǒ lvè ]    to torture
⇒    [ qiǎng lvè ]    to loot, looting
⇒    [ lvè ]    to loot, to pillage, to sack
⇒    [ lvè ]    to brush against, to graze, to scratch
⇒    [ guāng lvè yǐng ]    flickering light and passing shadows (idiom), blurred scenery, cursory, superficial
⇒    [ chī lvè ]    to flog